Renovating Your Home: Everything You Need To Know About It

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

Are you tired of the way your home looks? Or feel that playing around with a few walls and windows will create more space?

That’s reason enough for a renovation project! Here’s a little bit to prepare you for what the entire process entails.

Why Renovate?

Top 3 reasons people decide to renovate:
1. Worn-out design: The need for a better design or a facelift.
2. Changing needs: When your child grows out of his crib and the cartoons on the walls and needs a more age-appropriate structure and design.
3. Space constraints: If space has become a constraint and can’t sustain the current storage/workload.

Is A Complete Revamp Required?

Now for the million-dollar (almost literally!) question. Just because you’re bored of the way your interiors look, does it warrant a complete makeover?
Sometimes all that might need is a change of furnishings and décor. But if you’ve finished changing carpets and curtains and trying to spruce up your interiors and you feel that there are design issues that need addressing, then a complete renovation might be on the cards.

Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

The next logical question is – do you need an interior designer’s help with your renovation project?
If you do decide to hire one, you will need to give him a floor plan of the house. If you don’t have the plan, pictures of your home should work just as well.

What Role Will He Play?

You need to be clear about the scope of work your designer is willing to help you with. Is he going to help you only with design or will he also take care of the design execution and civil work? Ideally, having the designer take care of the entire project from design to execution will mean way less hassle for you.

Calculating the Cost Involved

As per industry standards, designing interiors usually costs 10% of the property value, for a new property. In case of renovation, this might vary, depending on the kind of work it entails. Also, if you retain and repurpose old furniture, wood, tiles, etc. your costs might come down considerably. And if you’re lucky, you can even sell scraps and make some money.

Would the Renovation Require Moving Out or Packing?

Renovating isn’t as easy as designing a new and empty home, as you’re staying in the place. You need to decide if you’re okay with living in the middle of drilling noises, rubble, and dust or would you rather get ready-made things to change your aesthetics?
Also, you would need to find out if the extent of the renovation is such that you would need to vacate or pack things up.
Usually, even in case of a full home renovation, you can have it done room-wise so that you can move things into another room while one is getting done. Also, getting factory-finished items will minimize the mess around the house and the time the project will take for completion.

Hope that helped you get closer to your dream home-renovation!