11 Ideas To Style A Small Dining Space

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022

Small doesn’t always have to mean cramped. Small can be beautiful. And with some creativity and an eye for detail, you can make the tiniest of spaces, stylish and elegant.

Here are 12 ideas to do up a dining space when square footage isn’t abundant, but style definitely is!

1. Stunningly simple

Neutral hues and a blend of texture give this dining space a comfortable vibe. The modern chairs go well with the no-frills table, and the corner banquette provides plentiful seating space.

2. Cozy and cute

This little dining space with an elegant yet functional dining table and chairs to match spells style quite effortlessly. It’s compact and doesn’t occupy much space, but has a significant presence in the room, almost making a subtle statement in style.

3. A well-defined space

If you have a small and open dining area, then this one is for you! Specify the dining space by placing a floor rug, big enough to fit in a small dining set. Choose a compact one to keep the area uncluttered. And, complete the look with a modern, matching pendant light.

4. Dual-Tone Decor

Whoever says that you cannot use dark shades in a small dining room, hasn’t tried it before. Spruce up a tiny dining space with some fascinating wall treatment, like batten and board, used here. In this dining area, the neutral tone of the batten boards compliments the dark wall and acts as the focal point of the room. While the wall creates a play of neutral and dark hues, the mahogany table and the neutral chairs add an air of formality to the space.

5. Clearly beautiful

If you don’t have any specified area for setting up the dining table, consider placing it in the kitchen just like the designer here has tried to. The clear top of the table, the neutral-hued chairs, and the oval pendant lights – all come together to give a modern vibe to the space.

6. A get-together of colors

This dining space makes use of many colors to breathe life into a small dining space. The neutral background provides a perfect space for the colors to stand out and get noticed. The pendant lights, while agreeing with the overall theme also demarcate the space allocated to the dining area.

7.  Next to a statement wall

This breakfast nook appears grand, thanks to the stunning contrast of the feature wall and the round table. The sheer curtains keep the temperature down by making the area appear light and breezy. The rich blue upholstered chairs add a certain luxe factor to the room.

8. Glass With Class

Situated right opposite the kitchen, this dining area is the epitome of simplicity. The glass top table and chairs create the illusion of space while keeping the area airy and cheerful. The 3D wall art completes the look.

9. Add Comfort

If you are struggling with space, think of adding extra comfort to the area. For instance, in this living room, the designer has used the small space fully by installing a wall-to-wall banquette bench. The dark brown bench goes well with the neutral-tone table and white chairs. The pendant lights lend a modern vibe to the room.

10. Catch the eye

In a small dining area, always keep in mind to draw attention to things. For example, in this alluring dining area, the mahogany dining table with the yellow eclectic chairs bring in diversity and color to the area. The patterned pendant light lends texture and vibrancy to the space.

11. Beauty all around

A lot rests on the dining table and chairs that you choose, in terms of décor. But you can think of other ways to brighten up the space. For instance, in this otherwise neutral dining room, the chic gallery wall and the indoor plants add in the much-needed color, textures, and visual interest to the room.