11 Modern Kitchen Islands You Will Fall In Love With

Last updated on May 18th, 2021

A kitchen island is an integral part of a modern kitchen. It doesn’t just give you an additional working space in the kitchen, but can also serve other important functions such as storage or even double up as a breakfast counter.
It is important to choose a kitchen island that blends with the overall design of your kitchen. Some factors to consider could be countertop surface, colors and the accessories that’ll form a part of the kitchen island.


Modern kitchens for instance boast of dark countertop surfaces and cabinets in the kitchen islands. The fixtures used are stainless steel, the countertops mostly marble or granite, and the cabinets done in cherry wood.
What is also in vogue in contemporary kitchen designs are simple countertops with brightly colored cabinets.




The design of your kitchen and the island should reflect your style. If your kitchen is more vintage style, or has an eclectic feel, then you may want to choose a kitchen island with repurposed wood and antique accessories.



When planning and designing a kitchen island, it is important to figure out your top reasons that you want it added to your kitchen space.

If you need an extended space for cooking and food preparation, then you will want to add a sink to your island. And if you are looking for more seating or to add a breakfast counter to your kitchen, then you will want to choose a kitchen island that serves as an extension of your countertops on one side and a counter style dining space on the other side. Your kitchen island can also be created to have storage space to house the less frequently used items in your kitchen.

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