KitchenWise: 5 Vastu-Friendly Colors For The Heart Of Your Home!

Last updated on September 1st, 2021

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture and interior design that believes in channelizing positivity and abundance into a home through the correct use of its design elements. And like many other ancient sciences, it has started figuring prominently in many aspects of modern living.

And as per this ancient science, a kitchen in a home is the source of all positive energy which it spreads to everyone living in the house through the food that is made in it. And using the right colors in the kitchen can go a long way in increasing that positivity, manifolds.
So, whether it’s a small change in the color of the barstools you use on your kitchen island, tiles of the backsplash, or the colors of your kitchen walls or cabinets, here are 5 colors that Vastu Shastra encourages everyone to use in their kitchen in abundance!

1. Yellow

Fresh, energetic and happy – this is what this glorious color represents as per Vastu, just the feelings you would want associated with your kitchen! This science believes that using plenty of yellow in a kitchen encourages positivity and happiness. What’s more, if your kitchen doesn’t get too much sunlight, using yellow in it is a great way of mimicking the warmth of sunshine. Go ahead then, and splash on this happy color in your kitchen generously.

2. Orange

In Vastu shastra, Orange and its varying shades, denote courage, energy and optimism and promote these feelings in people and relationships, making them a fantastic choice in kitchens. Time to get bold then, and try this super-good color in your kitchen, as per Vastu.

3. Green

As per Vastu, green brings harmony and hope into a space and is very auspicious for a kitchen. It’s also got a calming vibe and is believed to be a color that promotes digestion, in some cultures. So, go right ahead and go green with your kitchen!

4. White

White is believed to represent what’s pristine and pure in Vastu and is believed to spread positive vibes, if used in the kitchen profusely. Incidentally, using this color in your kitchen will also make it look brighter and more spacious.

5. Pink

A kitchen needs to be a happy place that people in the house get together in, to make happy memories. Adding a joyous color like Pink to your kitchen can increase the element of togetherness and love in your home as per Vastu.