4 Ways To Make A Decor Statement Right At Your Entryway!

Last updated on October 11th, 2021

A console table is an essential piece of furniture that can lend character and tons of style to any home. And not just that, it is a versatile beauty that can be made into an integral part of different areas of the home, effortlessly.
It can be the sleek desk in your home office, a quiet table under your TV for all your gadgets to sit on, and even become a home bar with a few bar essentials and accessories.

And if you’ve been treating this beautiful piece of décor as a place to just set things on, we give you four fantastic ways to dress up this oft-neglected element and turn it into a conversation starter right next to your door!

1. Pretty As Pictures

Pick up a few ornate frames and display a few of your favorite family photos in them. Group a few of them as a vignette. You can even hang a bigger picture on the wall behind the table to tie in the look.

2. A Single Dramatic Piece

Less is more. And not without reason. Select a single piece that screams class and style and set it on your console table and let it do all the talking, single-handedly.

3. A Play Of Interesting Vases

Make your console table a platform for all your interesting and quirky vases. Most of us usually wonder where to put those pieces we so love or have bought on impulse. Finally, a place to have them all out together on display. And something for your guests to drool over.

4. An Eclectic Setup Of Everything You Love

Let your guests know what kind of person you are by displaying your favorites on your console table and creating a statement display.