6 Fabulously Indian Flooring Ideas

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023

In our quest to find exquisite flooring, we often miss what is under our noses. While materials such as Italian marble hold undeniable charm, there are a few very interesting Indian flooring materials that would do your décor proud.

These materials are not only eco-friendly but adapt well to your home design as they are locally produced. They work beautifully in traditional Indian settings and also add an intriguing element to modern decor. Let’s take a peek into the world of Indian floorings and find out what the fuss is about.

1. Kadapa Flooring

Before the advent of materials such as marble and granite in kitchen countertops, Kadapa was a hot favorite. This black limestone originates from Andhra Pradesh and is known for its compact and sturdy properties. As it is resistant to temperature, this stone makes a lovely style statement as a flooring material.

To enhance the beauty of this stone, you can go for natural wood furniture or try pairing it with wooden flooring. To give your black tiles an edge, you can fill up your grouts with white or colored cement.

2. Kota Stone Flooring

Kota stone is unassuming and subdued. However, it can pack a punch in home décor. It comes in beige, brown and blue shades, making it a favorite with designers. The stone, however, may need a bit of polishing to give it gloss. For rustic or organic charm, the natural matte texture is your best bet.

Complement your matte-textured Kota tiles with wood furniture, dhurrie rugs, and macramé for a rustic vibe. To complete this astounding look, how about cement paint on your walls?

3. Terracotta Flooring

The unique and earthy appeal of terracotta tiles cannot be denied. They work well in traditional, rustic, or Mediterranean décor. The best part is, no two tiles are the same, as they are made from baked red earth. The richness of this material is enhanced with age as it changes color over the years. However, terracotta is a porous material. So you will have to use sealants regularly to avoid stains and scratches.

Light or dark wood furniture goes well with these tiles. For your upholstery and accents, earthy colors with a pop of rust or orange will amp up the look.

4. Athangudi Tiles

Athangudi tiles are known for their exquisite beauty and charm. These handcrafted tiles are made in Chettinad, a village in Tamil Nadu. There are innumerable designs to choose from. These tiles are unique in color and pattern, and also easy to maintain as they don’t need polishing. This eco-friendly flooring material is lasting and adds a magnificent element to the décor.

For very large areas, you may want to try subdued patterns. Or you can try a border of Athangudi tiles to add interest to your decor. And hey, a beige throw rug will tone down the play of pattern and add dimension too.

5. Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is mixed and spread in situ. It is brushed with colored cement once the concrete sets. This flooring requires a bit of skill to lay, and it’s best to look out for an experienced craftsman to avoid cracking and uneven surfaces. While you don’t need more than regular mopping to maintain the sheen, it’s advisable to coat it with sealants to preserve the surface.

This charming flooring is perfect for bohemian and modern decor. A few add-ons such as plants, throw rugs and complementing colors will take your home decor up a notch.

6. Terrazzo Tiles

Though terrazzo was first used in Italy, its origins go as far back as ancient Egypt. While this flooring isn’t intrinsically Indian, we all grew up seeing the peppered terrazzo flooring in our grandpa’s house. Today, the terrazzo tile industry in India is booming, thanks to its popularity on the International interior design scene. These charming tiles are to die for and with so many colors going for you, there is no looking back.

Final Thoughts

The flooring is a vital part of your home decor. It gives uniformity to your design and can make your space look a lot bigger if you continue with the same material throughout your space. It’s an easy matter to choose your tiles. But will they match your decor? We can help you get your look right. Just log in to homebliss.in for home decor inspiration.