IdeaFile: 7 Stunning Alternatives To Ordinary Kitchen Tiles

Last updated on October 11th, 2021

From merely being an easy-to-clean surface covering the walls behind your stove, back-splashes have come a long way…

Today, with the wide array of options available, they hold the potential to take the décor of a kitchen to the next level altogether. Have a look.

1. Stainless Steel Tiles

Transform your back-splash with this durable, maintenance-free, and inexpensive material that has adorned restaurants and cafes for decades and has made a grand entry into home interiors now. You can say goodbye to cleaning grime and dirt from joints in your tiles at Rs. 110 per sq ft. Interested? We bet you are!

2. Glass Tiles

Seamless, in sections, as tiles or back painted in your favorite color – there are many ways to use this eye-catching material on your back-splash. All yours at Rs.150 per sq ft. and upwards. Give your kitchen this easy-to-clean back-splash that will make heads turn!

3. Mosaic Tiles

A work of art that fits right in your budget. That’s what these tiny power-packed tiles are. Resistant to all kinds of damage and available in beautiful and trendy patterns and colors, Rs 40 and upwards is a small price to pay. Wouldn’t you say?

4. Copper Tiles

A back-splash in copper? Yes, we kid you not. Add a beautiful warm vibe to your kitchen with a copper back-splash using copper tiles. Copper does tend to acquire a patina after a while. But nothing that polishing can’t take care of. Starting at Rs.200 per sq ft., get ready to give your kitchen a stunning, metallic makeover.

5. Stone Tiles

Give your kitchen an uber-rustic appeal with a stone back-splash. Try as hard as you can, this material can’t be damaged easily. The cost? Staring at Rs 65 per sq ft. A steal, isn’t it?

6. Granite Tiles

A practically maintenance-free back-splash option at Rs. 200 and upwards per sq ft. – nothing short of an interior-design-godsend. This is the toughest material you can find when it comes to resisting heat, acids, or grease. The only downside? Slightly expensive, as it needs regular sealing to stay stain-resistant.

7. Marble Tiles

At Rs. 250 and upwards per sq ft., marble is a great way to make your kitchen look plush and expensive! So if you don’t mind the cost and the extra care you need to take with this easily-stained material that would need regular sealing, go right ahead, show your guests that you like style! And a great upside compared to ordinary tiles – fewer joints and no more dirty grout!