6 Wall Treatment Ideas For A Living Room That Stands Out

Last updated on May 20th, 2023

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to jazz up your walls is paint. And since dark colors are trending, you may go for a navy or olive green shade to add appeal to your design. However, this been-there-done-that seems passe when you examine the variety of very interesting wall treatment options for your home.

So, are you game to explore some radical wall treatment options?

1. Brick walls

Exposed bricks have been trending; and frankly, this look is never going to go out of style. To get the best out of your brick wall look, the trick is to play with different elements for your walls.

For your open kitchen, try a ceramic backsplash as a contrast to your brick wall. To tie the look together, let wooden beams run along the cornice. For the brick wall in your living space, go for wooden flooring, natural or faux, depending on your budget.

2. Charm your space with wood paneling

What’s it to be? Vintage appeal or a contemporary look? Either way, you will rock your design with a bit of wall paneling. For a rich, gorgeous decor, go for painted paneling, in white or dark colors. If you prefer dark shades, make the look more exciting with metal fixtures. For white paneling, steel or black metal will make an impact.

Painted paneling is wall decor at its best. It’s never going out of style, and you won’t tire of it easily. What’s more, when you are refurbishing, all you need is a fresh coat of paint in a different shade.

3. Not-so-rustic concrete walls

Concrete walls are all the rage in the design industry. And why not? They exude undeniable charm and are a perfect addition to your home when you want a bit of drama in your decor. This versatile material allows you to play with subtle textures and shades to add dimension to your space.

Since this style leans towards rustic, minimalist decor is ideal for this look. A picture gallery or over-the-top paraphernalia will kill the beauty of this charming creation.

4. Vintage wallpaper charm

The right wallpaper in your home decor can cut a figure with its gorgeous appeal. For a vintage vibe, try floral prints and make sure they blend in with the decor. For a modern look, try artistic floral impressions or go for staid stripes or geometrics. If you are opting for vintage prints, you don’t have to change your decor, a few elements such as a vintage chair or some antique lamps will be the perfect blend of modern and old-world charm.

5. Dramatic impact with murals

There is little doubt that murals can be utterly gorgeous! This is especially true if you have a perfect combination of upholstery and cushions to add a finishing touch to the decor. However, over time, these nuggets of beauty may get overpowering. You can take the middle route by going for a sober mural that mimics the rug and the upholstery colors.

6. Jazz it up with some wood carving

The best thing about woodwork paneling for your walls is, you can set the mood for the decor by choosing a theme. Your options? The traditional walnut carving from Kashmir, filigree work reminiscent of Morocco, or an art deco vibe for your walls. It will be interesting and exciting to hunt for furniture and upholstery to go with your look.

Embellish this look with pertinent rugs, chandeliers, or artifacts depending on the theme you have chosen.

Final words

Taking a leaf out of these interesting ideas and incorporating it into your home decor is simpler than you think. If you don’t want to stretch your budget strings, all you need to do is work around what you have. If you want a gorgeous wall in your room but cannot get your head around it, we are here to guide you through the process. Just log in to homebliss.in and check out what else we have to offer.