10 Tips To Create A Stunning Accent Wall

Last updated on November 24th, 2021

Accent walls or feature walls are a great way to enliven a space that needs some sprucing up. They are your canvas to experiment with, using different colors or patterns, and can help you inject just the right amount of drama to a room without going over the top.

Let’s have a look at a few things to keep in mind when you are planning on decorating this important wall in a room.

1. Use Paint

Paint can be a low-cost way to create a feature wall without making a huge commitment. You can create a variety of designs with paint and it is easy to change if you should decide to try something different or aren’t happy with what you see.

 2. Figure out the Focal Point first

cozy loft with dinning table chairs and metal storage racks

When choosing the feature wall, you need to first figure out what the focal point in the room is. The wall containing the focal point usually makes a good feature wall and choosing that wall as the accent wall will ensure that there aren’t things competing for attention in the room and the eyes have a good place to rest.

3. Use Wallpaper to add some character

Wallpaper is yet another cost-effective way to add some character to your room, which comes in easy peel and stick options these days if you are worried about the hassle of removing it, should you decide to change the décor.

4. Try something bold

An accent wall isn’t just a bold coat of paint or wallpaper covering the wall and you can choose to think out of the box when planning on your feature wall. Your accent wall could have stripes of paint or a different stylish finish to it. And in today’s world, so full of possibilities it would be a shame not to be brave and try out the untried.

5. Use stone, tiles, or even reclaimed wood

You could try stone, tiles, or even reclaimed wood on your accent wall. You can even consider creating extensive shelving on your accent wall if your room lacks storage space. Your accent wall could also be a gallery wall and contain a mix of framed photographs and other artwork. What’s more, your accent wall could even be your ceiling colored in a bold hue, something that happens to be a hot trend at the moment.

6. Make sure that it complements the decor

Whatever happens to be the color or pattern that you choose for your accent wall, it helps to make sure that it complements the rest of the décor in the room. Don’t go bold just for the sake of it and ensure that your feature wall only helps accentuate the positives of the space.

7. Sometimes less can be more

textured layers interior styling of cushion sofa and throw in neutral colors

If your room already has too much happening in it in terms of décor, then it might be a good idea to ditch the idea of a feature or accent wall so that things don’t look chaotic. Remember, your feature wall needs space to do what it needs to do.

8. Feature wall in an open concept home

energetic and warm bedroom with yellow artwork plant and desk

Feature walls can be a great tool to define specific areas in an open concept home, where it is tricky to define areas. For instance, creating a feature wall can be used to separate the dining area from the rest of the living space.

9. Know when not to create an Accent Wall

modern interior design of open minimal living room with gray couch textured wall trendy

Do not insist on having an accent wall in a small room, as it will only make the room look tinier and suffocating.

10. Choose the right color

modern white bedroom minimal style d rendering image there white empty wall decorate room

Be careful when choosing the color of the accent wall in your bedroom, as some studies have shown that strong colors such as purple and a few shiny colors can cause disturbed sleep. Opt for blue or light yellow that is known to calm the mind and ensure a good night’s rest.

Here’s wishing you all a whale of a time as you decorate your home, one small home improvement idea at a time!