8 Music Room Decor Ideas Totally Worth Copying

Last updated on February 20th, 2023

Music lovers often have their own special instruments, records, or CD collections. These prized possessions deserve their designated space to be played with and used. Why not create your own music room? Music rooms can have a dedicated place to keep your instruments, store your collections and sit back and enjoy the music you cherish. Need some design ideas?

Here are 8 music room decor ideas totally worth copying!

1. Location of your music room

The ideal place for such a room should be peaceful, secluded, and distraction-free. If possible, set aside a space with a door that can be closed off to help with sound absorption and reduce the likelihood of interruptions. A music room in the basement can offer a quiet retreat in a busy home, away from the household bustle and street noise.

2. A flex music room

If you can’t spare an entire room, consider incorporating a music room that fits into a room that serves multiple purposes. For instance, a classic living room can be used as a peaceful space to rehearse and a venue for showcasing talents to visitors. In this living space, a grand piano can occupy the center stage, and a sofa can be added against the wall to provide a cozy place to play a violin or other instruments. You can also add your music space to your guest bedroom or even your home office!

3. Inspirational decor ideas for your music room

Your music room’s decor should encourage imagination and concentration. Decorate the room with items like treasured framed images, prints with music themes, and trophies or other accolades you’ve earned to help you feel inspired and happy. Put these things on a gallery wall that you may look at to get some inspiration right away.

4. Musical instruments as decor

Musical instruments can serve as both attractive and valuable art for a music room. Installing your violin, guitar, saxophone, or other musical instruments on the wall will create a striking accent that honors your passion for music. Additionally, you’ll be more inclined to pick up and begin playing your favorite instrument if it is kept out in the open as opposed to hidden in a bag or case.

5. Connecting with nature

Another tip for soundproofing and decorating your music area is to add plants. Large, leafy plants can offer a distinctive focal point to the space and are particularly effective at absorbing sound. For the best impact, bring in plants of all shapes and sizes and distribute them evenly throughout your music area. Connecting with nature can make your music feel more impactful. Nature is also good for inspiration and makes you feel like you’re playing music in an enchanted forest.

6. A room for listening

A music room is a perfect place to unwind after your day of practicing by playing your favorite music. Install a sound system that produces high-quality sound in the room, or go old-school with a record player. To arrange your record or CD collection, use shelves or cabinets.

7. Storage for your music room

To keep your music area tidy and organized, have plenty of storage. Store vinyl albums, music booklets, reference books,sheet music, and other items on open cubbies or shelves. When not in use, simple metal stands are excellent for keeping and displaying instruments.

8. A music corner or nook

Wherever you have some extra space to spare, make room for music. Homeowners can create a modest music nook out of a spot adjacent to the stairway. Prop up a guitar next to your records cabinet, or install a mini-grand piano. These instruments out on display will make a lasting impression on your guests. Decorate this nook with artwork and music-themed elements. It will make this corner feel like a separate space when it is packed with music-related pieces.

In a Nutshell

Love these ideas? Try them out in your space and add the music room you deserve. You can customize the music room as per your preferences to add more personality to it. Use this rec room for jam sessions and a cozy music-listening afternoon. For more ideas around room design, decor and more, check out blogs on Homebliss.