Tips for a Music-Inspired Home

Last updated on September 21st, 2020

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home

Isn’t it amazing how a particular song can evoke sweet memories from your childhood, or might even make you feel energized and pumped up, all of a sudden? Music has several benefits – it helps improve mood, reduces stress, and even aids memory. And adding music-inspired decor to your space not only helps you relax but also adds a great design personality to your space. So, let your inner musicophile shine with these beautiful music-inspired home decor ideas:

1. Music-Inspired Lighting

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Lighting

Show your innate passion towards music by adding music-inspired lighting to your home. These days you get a lot of quirky lighting options online, simply pick what you like. Or, you can even recycle an old musical instrument to create a stunning light fixture. For instance, an old drum can easily be transformed into a pendant light.

2. Wall Decor

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Wall Decor

Add some musical character to your home with chic music-inspired wall decor. Wall stickers are a great yet cheap way to add some musical charm to your home. If you would like to take your passion for music to the next level, then think of getting a music-themed wall shelf such as a drum shelf, piano shelf, or even a guitar shelf.

3. Vintage Showpieces

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Vintage Pieces

Add a musical charm to your home with vintage acoustic pieces. For instance, an old gramophone placed in a corner of the living room will instantly give your home an uncanny vintage charm. Or even a pair of French Horns mounted on a wall can look truly gorgeous.

4. Gallery Wall

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Gallery Wall

Planning to create a statement wall in your living room? How about a gallery wall made of vintage record players? We say it is going to be an absolute charmer! Another cool idea where you can change a blank wall into a statement piece: Frame your most loved album covers in neutral casings for a fun, contemporary take on a gallery wall.

5. Acoustic Charm

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Acoustic Charm

In case you play or own a musical instrument, this could be the simplest melodic decor solution for you. Use your acoustic instrument as a decor element. Be it a tabla or a guitar, they can make for amazing decor elements.

6. Recycling and Reusing

Tips for a Music-Inspired Home - Recycle & Reuse

Recycling and reusing anything can make decorating an affordable and fun task. Use musical instruments which may not be in a working condition, but still great to look at. For instance, an old drum makes for an intriguing center-table or even a spectacular light fixture.