Bathroom Color Schemes To Die For!

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023

It’s easy to play it safe with dull beiges and greys when designing your home. But maybe it’s time you step out of your comfort zone and explore exciting colors that will make your bathroom décor rock!

You can go for a breath of spring with sunny shades or go for cool and sophisticated blues paired with whites and greys. And if you dare, why not pick the color of the season, viva magenta, to take it up a notch? But before you zip out your credit card, check out these interesting color schemes for your bathroom.

Soothing Blues

The combination of blue and white is unbeatable. You can’t put a foot wrong with this combination, no matter how you play it. For larger spaces, vinyl wood-toned floorings are a great way to play up the charm of blue and white.

For an in-your-face blue, try ultramarine, or sharp blues, to add an edge to your bathroom décor. To give it a subdued, elegant look, go for bluish-grey tones. Vintage vanities and mosaic tiles will take your design quotient up a notch.

Gorgeous Greens

Green is magical, and each hue has a different voice. For a whiff of gentle green, try jade or moss green and combine this with light wood cabinets. For a bold statement, emerald green is your best bet. To elevate this gorgeous bathroom decor, bring in potted plants and wicker storage baskets to complete the look.

Spring Fever

Mother nature never goes wrong with her color combinations. And to get the look right, all you have to do is mimic her sense of color. You can try a medley of floral wallpaper, quirky flooring details and potted plants to bring spring into your home. Or you can try the rainforest look with a sweep of dark green mosaic tiles with lots of plants. The choice is yours.

Magnetic Magentas

Viva magenta isn’t the color of the year for nothing. This fabulously gorgeous color talks the language of royalty and decadence. Just the thing you need to let your hair down. To get it right, play with tones of the same shade to bring out the rich exuberance of this shade. If you must, try white cabinetry to add charm. Or you can introduce twigs of white flowers to bring out the glorious color.

What Would Black Be Without White?

Black is bold. And it’s stark. This no-nonsense shade is classy and magnetic, sophistication and mystery personified. To get this look right, you can go for an all-black look if you dare. Play with your tiles, using different textures and sizes to add an exciting element. To make the black stand out, what’s better than white fittings?

To play it safe, you can use black and white flooring to accent your white bathroom. To take it up a notch, add black accessories to bring out the black element.

Earthy Browns and Beige

Neutrals are perineal favorites. And getting the look right isn’t at all difficult. You can go for brown vinyl or ceramic flooring and pair it with the richness of teakwood. For the bathroom tiles, beige is the color of choice to get this look right. However, there are no hard and fast rules. A beige bathroom with earthy brown accents and wicker baskets can rock the look too!Make sure to play with different textures and tones when shopping.

To Sum Up

These gorgeous color combinations are just the tip of the iceberg. With a plethora of colors available, you can give your bathroom your identity with quirky takes on design and color. A quick browse through our website Homebliss will help you find your mojo. However, if you feel you can’t get it right, we are there to guide you through this exhilarating journey!