9 Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Bathroom Smells

Last updated on July 26th, 2021

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom, especially not when there are guests at home, making a beeline for it.

And although a bathroom tends to get used for a lot of unpleasant stuff (!), that doesn’t mean it has to carry those tell-tale smells all the time.
Want a bathroom that smells fresh and pleasant just like the ones in posh hotels? Then you’ve got to try these tips.

1. Fill The Toilet Brush Holder With A Floor Cleaner

Whether you like it or not, your toilet happens to be a haven for germs, resulting in bad odors. Try filling your toilet brush holder with a nice smelling floor-cleaner, and let the brush soak in it, whenever it’s not in use. This doesn’t just effectively disinfect your toilet brush, but also keeps your bathroom smelling fresh!

2. Take Out The Trash

You may not realize it, but the harmless-looking trash can under your sink, can be a source of foul bathroom odors. One might argue that It does not contain perishable food items, but even used wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and used toilet paper can cause bad smells. Empty it on a regular basis and see the smells disappearing!

3. Use Essential Oil On Toilet Paper Rolls

Now here’s a simple trick. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside of your toilet paper roll. This will release a constant fresh scent, especially when someone uses the toilet paper, keeping your bathroom smelling fragrant!

4. Light A Candle

No, we aren’t just talking about scented candles. Candles, even the unscented ones, when lit, can neutralize odors with the heat and smoke that they emanate. But don’t leave them unattended, and remember to snuff them out before leaving the room.

5. Keep It Ventilated

A badly ventilated, humid bathroom can’t help being smelly. Always keep your bathroom door open when not in use, and turn on the exhaust fan or open a window, whenever you’re using the bathroom. This will keep odors at bay.

6. Pour Vinegar In The Toilet Tank

Pour a cup of vinegar into your water tank, and flush it a few times, and you’ll find your toilet smelling fresh, just like that!

7. Keep Towels Clean And Dry

Never hang your towels in the bathroom to dry. This slows down the drying and lets bacteria sit and multiply, resulting in bad smells. Wash all towels once a week (adding a little bit of vinegar and baking soda to the wash cycle) and make sure the ones you keep in the bathroom are always dry.

8. Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

Sometimes a smelly bathroom is smelly for the right reasons. Yes, it needs cleaning! Soap scum, stains on the toilet, and dirt in the sink and countertop can all cause bad odors. Clean your bathroom once a week, following a deep cleaning routine once every two months, and say goodbye to all those odors.

9. Remove The Toilet Seat And Clean Around The Fittings

Remember, dirt and germs can hide in the tiniest of places that we don’t clean often. And let’s admit it, especially if there are boys at home using the toilet. (Apologies, gentlemen!) Make sure that once in a while you remove the toilet seat (it is quite simple actually) and clean around the fittings with an old discarded toothbrush. Trust us, it makes a huge difference!