French Décor Ideas You Must Try

Wondering how you can bring a little bit of country French décor to your living room? You’ve come to the right place!
We’ve put together a few tips and curated a collection of beautiful country French living rooms for you to draw inspiration from. Prepare to be blown over!

The beauty of the French look is that it brings together the country and the sophisticated, and combines seamlessly, the rustic with the elegant by using elaborate antiques right alongside simple and humble materials.

Notice the color schemes used in French décor, ranging from golden yellow and red to cornflower blue and white. Learn what kinds of patterns and motifs and architectural details will help you pull off a country French look.

Country Living

Antique furniture is vital to French décor and makes a bold statement, whether it is a mere reproduction or true vintage. Although French décor happens to tend towards the formal, we have tried to show you how it can merge with the contemporary décor of your living room. Adding touches from the country French décor to your living room will add to your decor an air of sophistication and elegance.

The French style is known for its love of asymmetry in everything, whether it’s the layout of the furniture where chairs of differing sizes and shapes are preferred or the unusual lighting choices with varying varieties and sizes of lamps are put together.

French décor is known for its profuse use of wood and metals painted in shades of rust that contribute to the overall look.


French décor is all about details, whether it’s chandeliers, the exquisitely carved furniture, or the other materials that make up the setting, which is what ensures that no element of the French décor ever seems to go out of fashion.

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