Know The Wood You’re Using: Your Guide To 6 Different Types Of Wood

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

We’ve seen it used around us forever. From the wood we saw in desks and tables at school, to the huge table that the family gathered around at mealtimes, life has almost seemed inconceivable without it. Wouldn’t you agree? But how well do we know the wood we have grown so used to using, and still continue to use?

Well, here’s a start! Read about the 6 most popular types of wood used in India, and the world over.

1. Sheesham

Also known as rosewood, (bet you didn’t know they were the same, did you?) this is a locally grown wood that is hugely popular in furniture for living rooms and bedrooms owing to its ability to work well with a wide variety of finishes and polishes. It is extremely durable and resistant to termites. Also, every piece of furniture made with Sheesham comes with its own unique grain and markings, typical of this wood, and quite sought after.

2. Teak

Grown within our own country, teak is a cost-effective and popularly used material. Used for its strength in frames of beds and cabinets, it is also greatly resistant to moisture and weather, making it ideal for outdoor use and as a great flooring material.

3. Cedar

Popularly used for outdoor furniture and wardrobes, Cedar has a strong smell that naturally repels insects (and attracts humans!) What makes it resistant to fungus and bacteria is the cedar oil that it has inside. Cedar is compared to oak in its strength and hardiness but is not as expensive, making it a great choice for the Indian furniture industry.

4. Sal

This is a darker shade of wood known for its strength and hardness, making it ideal to lend strength to structures. Resistant to termites and mold, Sal is also as rough as it is hard, which restricts its use in making supporting beams and frames for doors and windows.

5. Oak

Available in a variety of colors ranging from white to the darkest of browns, this is one wood you can customize to the color of your interiors. Oak is durable and can withstand a lot of constant handling without showing signs of wear, making it quite a popular choice of furniture material, the world over.

6. Mahogany

With its beautiful reddish-brown color and its resistance to moisture and temperature changes, Mahogany is hugely popular for doors and solid furniture like beds, crockery cabinets, and chests of drawers that stand the test of time and don’t swell, warp or shrink with exposure to moisture. Mahogany works really well with polishes, which render its deep color and stunning grain even more beautiful.

Happy decorating, everyone!