Give Your Living Room The Midas Touch

Last updated on April 26th, 2022

We always associate gold with exquisite beauty, opulence, and class. And gold, wherever it is, draws attention on to itself and one can’t help but marvel at the beauty it can add to an otherwise neutral setting.

Let’s look at 10 ways you can add a gold accent to your living room and give it a distinctive character and a touch of class.

1. The neutral shades used in this living room are beautifully contrasted with a couple of gold vases on the coffee table that is mirrored and reflects them back. A couple of gold pillows add to the golden element in the room.

2. Gold is the new black! The white walls and furniture in this elegant living room are sprinkled with a dash of gold throughout the room in the cushions, the paintings, knick-knacks, and even the fairy lights.

3. This otherwise simple living room with its predominantly neutral hues is brought to life with the gold lamp shade, the gold in the chandelier, the frames, and the huge gold vase.

4. This living room is defined by the golden wall and the gold ottoman. The knick-knacks spread around the room also happen to have different hints of gold.

5. The intricate gold mirror in this living room together with the coffee table upholstered in a shade of gold, gives the otherwise neutral living room the touch of gold that it needs, to look elegant, classy and opulent.

6. The light gold sofas stand out from the otherwise neutral and dull décor of this living room. The gold used in the bookshelves and the beautiful and intricately designed gold mirror complement the sofas, completing the look.

7. This otherwise fresh and white living room looks elegantly dotted with golden knick-knacks and a matching chair. The patterned cushions on the sofa also carry a dash of gold, adding to the gold used in this spartan living space.

8. There’s a lot of gold here, right from the mirror to the upholstery and not-so-subtle hints even in the coffee table and the chandelier, giving this urban living room a royal and classy look and feel.

9. The Spartan and neutral look of this nook in the living room comes alive with the heavy gold wall hanging, which looks like a mirror but isn’t. The light gold sofa-cum-daybed with the solid cushions in light gold complement the whole theme.

10. The very light golden furniture in this rather traditional living space blends beautifully with the golden artifacts sprinkled throughout the room. Even the flooring here seems to have specks of gold to match the interiors.

Happy decorating, everyone!