Find Out How You Can Use A Chest Of Drawers Anywhere In Your Home

Last updated on May 3rd, 2022

A chest of drawers is a great piece of storage furniture. It can store a lot of stuff, and the drawers make for easy access to everything inside. Typically, a chest of drawers is used in bedrooms for storage, but there are so many creative ways in which it can be used. It can be moved around to suit your space and can be spruced up to give your home a unique look!

If you’re looking to maximize storage without compromising on aesthetics, keep reading!

1. Living Room

The living room is a space that you want to keep organized and spacious-looking because it has the most visitors. But managing storage while keeping it minimal is a difficult task. Here are some ways in which a chest of drawers will solve this problem.

Use a chest of drawers as a TV unit. This way, you can make an accent piece of furniture in your house, which will also provide ample storage. Here’s some inspiration for you:

A side table near your sofa is a must to store small items of everyday use. A chest of drawers as a side table is a great way to smartly add more storage to your living space. Just pick a piece that enhances the overall aesthetics of your living area. You could even make a statement with it!

If you want to create something funky, consider doing something like this – a bit off-the-beaten-track – but lovely nevertheless!

Drawers of different sizes like these will also add to the functionality because you will be able to customize them according to your needs and they will help keep everything more organized. Talk about making a statement and building utility at one go!

2. Kitchen

Without a doubt, kitchens need the most storage in every house. With the new trend of open kitchens, kitchens are growing smaller and storage space is being compromised. But you can easily manage some extra storage with a chest of drawers. Here are a couple of creative ways to do it:

Convert the island in your kitchen into a chest of drawers. This way, you can increase space without making major changes. Islands in kitchens are not commonly found these days, but consider adding one as it has tons of benefits. Islands help divide the space well and allow the kitchen to be more functional. They also allow more people to work in the kitchen at the same time, without creating chaos.

You can also add a chest of drawers to create a breakfast table/bar like this. The bar will be able to accommodate all your drinks and glasses without taking extra space.

3. Entryway

Adding a chest of drawers to your entryway is also a great strategy to add storage space to your house. The chest can be used as a shoe rack as well. They will also act as a decor piece in your entryway, and you won’t have to worry about additional decor in the area.

4. Bedroom

Of course, chests of drawers are usually always used in bedrooms, but here are some creative hacks to enhance your bedroom space.

  1. Use the chest of drawers as a dressing table to save space. You simply have to add a mirror over it for this.

  1. You can also use them as a work desk. Work desks with a chest of drawers are great because they provide you with space to keep all your desk essentials near your desk. Also, a chest of drawers is very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about a wobbly desk.

  1. If space is not a constraint, then keep it as it is. After all, classics never go out of style.

A chest of drawers is a convenient and functional piece of furniture that will surely make your life easy. With these tips and tricks, you can freshen up your home with little effort. For customized suggestions and more recommendations, click here.

Have fun decorating your home, folks!