How to Decorate Your Whole House?

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

Whether you have just bought a new house, or are planning for a renovation project, you surely want your home to resemble something straight out of a magazine cover! However, the thought of decorating your house from scratch can be quite overwhelming. From questions like which color to choose, what sofa you need, to what should be the theme of the house, what kind of rugs to use – the questions and confusions are unending. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can make your home look picture-perfect.

How to decorate your whole house

So, to help you get started, we bring you the 5 absolutely essential decor tips to get started with, when decorating your home.

1. Pick a Theme

How to decorate your whole house

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home with a unified look is by choosing a theme. While choosing a theme, think of your likes, dislikes, accessories, and elements that lift your spirits up. Ask yourself, for instance, what kind of decor do you prefer – modern or traditional, nautical or Scandinavian – pick a look you like, and run with it.

2. Match Materials

How to decorate your whole house

A big task in decorating a home involves picking the right kind of furniture. So, when looking for furniture and accessories, consider the materials of the things you’re purchasing. Make use of similar kind of materials in each room, for instance, wicker, glass, or wood, to tie the spaces together. However, ensure that the texture and finishes of these items differ from each other so that the impact seems natural as opposed to overtly coordinated or constrained.

3. Decide on a Color

How to decorate your whole house

What color do you like? Discover a color you adore – think of a color you can live with and mesh it into each room’s plan. Blend light and dim shades, and change the measure of color in each room, as well. Think past just painting the dividers, use colors in the form of curtains, floor rugs, artifacts, prints, cushions, or even the lampshade!

4. Match the Wall Colors

How to decorate your whole house

For better visual appeal, utilize a similar color in open spaces. Coordinating wall colors provides a unified look to your house.

5. Decide on a Statement Piece

How to decorate your whole house

A statement piece plays an important role in home decor. Sprinkle a little bit of your style in each room by including an unexpected component or a statement piece, for example, a particular encircled print over your bed or a beautiful light fixture in your kitchen.