7 Ways To Have A Minimalist Home

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

With multiple deadlines, responsibilities, and commitments that we have to tackle in our day-to-day lives, it is no wonder that things at home often turn rather chaotic. That’s why our homes should be anything but messy. They should be a reflection of peace and tranquility, a place where you feel relaxed and are able to live a simple life. And, when it comes to living a simple life, there’s only one good way – having a minimalist home.

7 Ways to Have a Minimalist Home

Minimalism is all about paring down to the essentials and getting rid of what is excess and living with the bare minimum. Plus, it makes your home appear chic and sophisticated. Here are seven ways to achieve a minimalist home.

1. Opt for a Neutral Base

Color is one of the key elements of a minimalist home. When looking to create a classic minimalist home, think of neutral shades like biscuit, grey and beige combinations, and off-white for a crisp and clean look. But, using a neutral base doesn’t mean that your interiors need to be dull and boring. There are several shades of white that can make your home appear anything but bland. For example, if you are aiming for a warmer look, think of using white with a yellow undertone, and opt for a blue undertone for a clean and crisper look. However, in case you wish to infuse color, then think of shades that are easy on your eyes and blend well with subdued tones.

2. Declutter

Look carefully around your house. What do you see? Do you see heaps of documents, keys, shoes, and other stuff scattered around the house? Then your house has declared war. To embrace a minimalistic look, these objects need to go. Ask yourself what can be tossed away, what needs to be out of plain sight, and items that aren’t needed anymore; and then sort them out as per your need. To ensure your counters remain clear, give everything a dedicated spot, and stick to it.

3. Follow the ‘One in & One out’ Strategy

It’s surprising to see how much one can acquire in a short amount of time. The once vacant drawers and wardrobes soon start overflowing with unused items that are just collecting dust. And just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that they are not consuming valuable space in your home. To prevent this from happening, employ the ‘one in and one out’ strategy, where, for each thing that comes into your home, something else has to go out.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Living a minimalistic life means you have to work with pared-down aesthetics. And, that’s when it gets tricky. You really need to be careful while selecting decor elements before they enter your home. Since you will have fewer furniture pieces in your home, think of investing in classic pieces that are sturdy, and can withstand everyday use.

5. Invest in Stylish Storage

Even after you have cleared all the clutter, got rid of the duplicates, and chosen quality over quantity, you will still have things lying around. And, this is where stylish storage comes in. Invest in chic and stylish storage units to conceal it all. This way, all those things can live peacefully inside the storage unit, making your home appear classy and sophisticated.

6. Welcome More Light

When looking to embrace a minimalist home, ensure you have ample natural light penetrating your home. Add sleek and elegant light fixtures that will help you make your home appear warm and cozy.

7. Remember that Minimalism is a Process

Remember that achieving a minimalist home doesn’t come easy. It is a continuous process. And decluttering your house regularly will go a long way towards making it possible.

Happy decorating your beautiful abode, folks!