How To Rock The Curved Furniture Trend In Your Interiors!

Last updated on October 26th, 2022

Straight lines come from the mind, while curves are made in the heart. Or so they say. As that may be, getting a few curves into your décor can give it charm and warmth.

Curved furniture is undeniably inviting and invokes a feeling of bonhomie, the kind the ancients felt when huddled around the fire at night. So, how do you incorporate these amazing curves into your décor? And more importantly, do you have to go the whole hog, or do a few choice curved items suffice to get the look? Let’s find out.

How curved is curved?

No, it’s not necessary to go for a circular sofa. You can add a few chairs or tables with a curve element to your home décor. The boxed-in look of straight lines doesn’t cut it anymore, especially after being cooped up in your homes during the pandemic. The trend is all about being comfortable with yourself and your surroundings. Let’s look at your options.

It’s all about what’s soothing

A sofa with a curved back is a perfect match for your room. But colors matter too. A vibrant pop of pink or red may not be ideal if you want a calming effect. Take a leaf out of nature and add the colors of the trees, the sky, or the earthy autumn tones in your curved décor trend for greater impact. Opt for wooden flooring and rich earthy hues in your upholstery to take it a step forward. Neutrals are a safe bet for this decor.

Try a mix and match of natural textures

Nature is all about curves, be it the bend of the river or the curve in the bough of a tree. You can take your décor tips a step further by emulating the textures from nature. Add wood, natural fibers, and cane to your décor. You can add a variety of textures to your throw cushions and rug for better impact. This sumptuous decor can’t go wrong with plants, rustic throws, and plush cushions.

A circular sofa arrangement works too

Your sofa need not be curved. But you can get the same look by arranging your seating in a circular pattern. You can start with a curved sofa and assemble your chairs in a circle to get the circular sofa appeal. Great for get-togethers and parties! A large round center table will bring this fantastic look together. Table lamps, sheer drapery, and a rug in muted tones are great add-ons.

Take the curves to your bedroom

Visuals matter in your bedroom, a place for tranquility and repose. You don’t have to opt for a circular bed; you can work the curves into your décor by addressing the headboard and the side tables. The curves are soft, and they are inviting. Perfect for a bedroom. Your other options? How about a wingback chair with curves? Or a dramatic round, throw rug? You be the judge.

Go the pit way or not

Circular pits were in vogue a few decades back. You can go for a circular sectional to achieve this fabulous retro look. You can go all the way and go for a sunken pit if you prefer.

So, how does this work? Place your circular sofa off-center to make room for the sofa chairs opposite. Two chairs are ideal. Three will crowd the space. For a harmonious décor, you can select sofa chairs with curved backs. And hey! Don’t forget the charm of chandeliers and round throw rugs.

Corners ooze comfort and charm

A curved seating area in the corner of your room is perfect for your ‘me’ time. You can go for a chaise lounge or a comfy chair with a curved back and a footstool. Don’t forget the standalone lamp and the throw rug to complete this magnificent look.

Final words

Digesting new trends is challenging, especially when you have recently given your home a makeover. However, it’s the little things that can work magic. All you need to do is add a couple of curved items to the mix to get the desired effect. has more than a few tips and tricks to help you in your home décor dilemmas. Just log in for answers.