11 Corner Ideas That Are Downright Genius

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Corners can be really difficult to decorate. But if left as is, they can make a large room look very empty. In smaller rooms, it becomes important to accommodate more stuff into a limited area.

Either way, finding the right corner storage can be imperative to a room’s functionality and aesthetics. Here are 11 excellent ideas to add some pizzazz to the corners of your home.

1. Triangular corner shelves

The easiest way to put a corner to use is to install a smart-looking shelf that fits exactly into that space. The shelf can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor. You could even install floating shelves for a more unobtrusive look. With this, not only do you fill up an empty-looking space but carve for yourself a nice rack to store things and display curios out of!

2. Corner storage-cum-display rack in the bathroom

In a bathroom, space is usually scarce and has to be used efficiently for storage. A corner cabinet can be placed under the sink or in the unused space next to the WC for a streamlined design. Such cabinets can hold cleaning supplies and pretty knick-knacks and enhance the look of your bathroom. Worth trying then, don’t you think?

3. Corner WFH setup

The pandemic taught us how to work from home without loss of productivity. And now that it’s here to stay, why not make your home office in a cozy corner? A nice table, a trendy storage rack, and some of your favorite artwork to hang – and you’re all set in your cozy work corner!

4. A stunning stepladder

An aesthetic and innovative way of using an empty corner is to use a ladder as a shelf. It allows a small room to accommodate objets d’art without taking up much space. If using a wooden ladder, ensure that the hue of the wood matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Your stepladder can also help you keep your blankets and throws organized during chilly winters!

5. A corner bar

If you have a large kitchen but a small dining area, consider designating a corner of the kitchen as the bar area. It can be as simple as a basic wine shelf and a few glasses, or you can set up a larger bar with chairs around a corner table and a proper liquor cart. Nothing like a bar to lend your space cool, weekend vibes! Agree?

6. Corner drawers in the Kitchen

Many modular kitchens now include L-shaped drawers and lazy susan mechanisms for corners. This is a great way to utilize corner space in the kitchen, which is otherwise difficult to access, making it a dead space that gathers dust. If yours doesn’t have one, see if it can be installed now!

7. L-shaped shelves

Another elegant way to use the corner wall area is to use L-shaped shelves. This is especially good if you want to add accent pieces to the room. These shelves can hold books, or you can make it a little trophy corner to display your certificates and awards. Or if in doubt, display your plants in pretty, cute planters!

8. Children’s play corner

If you have young children who need a dedicated play area, this is a great option. This will also reduce clutter around the house by giving the toys a home, and add a big FUN element to the room. Don’t forget to tape up any electrical outlets that are at a low height.

9. Entryway corners

With a little imagination, you can convert a hallway into a practical space that helps you get ready as you get out the door. A coat rack or even a few hooks on the wall that can hold your purses, umbrellas, and coats can prove very helpful here. A little stool with storage can become a footwear changing station. Add a keyholder, and you have everything you need to step out of the house.

10. Corner reading nook

If you have a corner close to a window or a light source, consider turning it into your reading haven. All you need is an easy chair and a footrest. You can even get an armchair with built-in storage. To make your reading area cozier, place a couple of plants and a colorful rug in that corner.

11. Corner benches with storage

Benches that fit into corners and have storage are great for turning dead corners into lively spaces. When created near your WFH space, they can simply be an addition to your home office – an area where you can entertain colleagues AND store your work papers!


Corners are usually neglected spaces, but they hold so much potential. With a little care, they can become functional and stylish parts of your home. We sure hope one of these fab ideas you’ve just read, sticks and helps you create a pretty corner in your home.

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Until then, have fun decorating!