Let’s Talk Doors

Last updated on June 19th, 2023

Doors are often an afterthought where home decor is concerned. They play a functional role, allowing or barring entry from a space. However, your home decor is not complete if you don’t give your doors the attention they need. And while readymade carved or paneled doors are a popular choice, you can surely do better than that!

To get your creative juices flowing, we have some interesting ideas for you to try in your home. Let’s check them out.

The illusion of space with glass doors

Glass doors are the perfect way to bring a feeling of the outdoors into your home. These doors can be wood-framed or powder-coated metal. They are perfect for your balcony or your porch. They work well in your kitchen too, to give your guests a glimpse of your modular kitchen without disturbing your privacy. For better impact, match the frame of your door to that of the window for uniform appeal. You can even paint it a bright color as long as it matches your decor.

Aesthetic space dividers

Whether you use accordion sliding doors or opt for sectioned glass doors that slide at the touch of a finger, when you need open space, these doors are gorgeous and functional. Good options are smart black or wooden frames for your glass. It’s a perfect way to add a stylish touch to your decor.

Reflect your personality with your entryway

Your front door is the first thing your guests see. It should make a statement. Choose the door color, material, shape, and knob/handle to reflect your personality. Taking a page out of your interior decor theme is a great way to move ahead. You can emulate the style and the colors for a unified look.

A play of contrasts

A play of contrasts is a great way to smarten your doors. A combination of dark walls and light-colored doors gives a gorgeous look. A wooden finish works too. The trick is to include the door into your decor by blending it in. Don’t forget to pick the right hardware that won’t tarnish easily.

A style statement

Why think only of the functional element when you pick your door? Doors are a great way to add a bit of style to your decor. You can try folding white doors with louvers for an intriguing touch or go for a modern in-your-face glass affair framed in white. For a bit of drama, framing your door with panels or patterns is also an interesting option. It’s all about what suits your style and your home decor.

A Majestic entrance

A majestic entrance can amp up your home, giving it a gorgeous look. Narrow side windows and lantern lamps are great for a vintage look. For a modern style statement, wooden paneled doors are impressive. And if you want a touch of sophistication, add a crystal chandelier.

Let it go all the way up

Rules are made to be broken. Why stick to the standard 3 feet by 7 feet size when you can take the door right up to the ceiling? These chic and classy doors will vie for attention, and probably hog the limelight. So, be prepared to match your decor with these outstanding style statements.

Blend them with your decor

It takes a bit of talent and creativity to wing this one. However, once you achieve this look, your home decor will astound you and your guests. Paneled walls and doors are a great option. Another way to go about it is to fuse the look by using white wood paneling with glass windows and doors. Ideal for a country look. Don’t forget to add oodles of plants for summery heaven.

Final thoughts

There is a lot more to doors than we realize. Why waste this wonderful opportunity to showcase your style with a mundane laminated door when there are so many lovely options to choose from? Don’t get discouraged if you can’t handle it. We are just a call away. To get a hint of what we are about, visit us on homebliss.in.