Quirky Front Door Colors That You Can Totally Try!

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

Tired of the same boring colors on your front door? Here are some fun and quirky options to choose from. The front door creates the first impression of your space. We recommend choosing a color that suits your personality and adds some spice to your interiors.

With so many color options out there, it can be intimidating to make the right choice! This article is here to help you out with just that. Here are 7 quirky front door colors for you to try out on your front door:

A Fiery, Electric Blue

To prevent your door from disappearing into the background, pick a vivid blue color that doesn’t contain a lot of greys. Although blue is a common exterior color choice, this electrifying tone amplifies the intensity. Simple yet eye-catching, a fiery electric blue hue is especially remarkable when painted on classic doors. This lovely shade of blue will help you freshen up your front porch. The electricity of this fiery blue shade adds a wow factor to your home, making heads turn! Highlight this bright blue shade by adding more neutral elements around the front door.

A Refreshing, Bright Orange

To bring focus to your front door, choose a vibrant orange color. A large, white-painted front porch can be brightened with a startling pop of color from a brilliant tangerine shade. This shade can nicely complement any door style. It also looks great as a backdrop to all your front porch plants and shrubs. A lot of plant pots are available in their natural terra cotta shade. This refreshing orange shade can pair nicely with your flower pots. Make your front door a little funky with this bright orange hue.

An Optimistic, Bright Yellow

For a cheery-looking front door, pick a vivid shade of yellow. This bright hue stands out against dark exteriors in particular, grabbing attention and making your entrance a focus point. To distinguish your bright yellow entry door from its surroundings, border it with white trim. Similarly, add some neutral-themed decor around the front door to make it pop. This bold shade looks especially lovely with the greenness of the front porch shrubs.

A Calming, Periwinkle Shade

Periwinkle, a shade that combines lavender and baby blue, looks incredibly gorgeous on front doors that have decorative elements. To strengthen the color scheme, consider reusing the pale purple shade on shutters or trim. Fill containers to the brim with pink flowers to heighten the romantic atmosphere. Periwinkle is truly a unique, never-seen-before option that you must give a try.

A Soothing, Kiwi Green

A green front door can stand out against a neutral facade and enhance your front landscaping. Accessorize your front porch with potted, luxuriant plants to play up the green color scheme. For a vibrant yet unified design, choose pots in related colors, which are next to one another on the color wheel, like blue or yellow. This kiwi color can blend in well with your surrounding plants. So, this can be your go-to color if you love adding shrubbery to your front porch!

A Herbal, Tranquil Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a bright, brilliant color that falls in the middle of neon green and yellow. This makes it the perfect color for exteriors that need an extra dose of vigor. To give a historic brick exterior an unexpectedly modern twist, use this front door color. The color particularly stands out when combined with other neutral hues like dark blue or white.

A Sauve, Elegant Purple

Although you don’t commonly see purple on home exteriors, it is unquestionably stunning when used wisely. Try painting your front door a deep purple color, then use the same shade in flower pots or garden beds. To give anything a hint of extra glitz, choose a glossy finish. Since purple isn’t a common shade, it will add a touch of class to your space. It can instantly transform your front porch into an elegant entryway!

In a Nutshell

Loving these ideas? Choose any of these awesome seven ideas for your front door. Get creative by mixing and matching different shades to create a theme that suits your personality! For more inspiration on design and decor, make sure to check out the Homebliss blog.