Not Living In Your Dream Home? Here Are 5 Ways To Love It Nevertheless!

Last updated on March 14th, 2023

The abundance of picture-perfect homes on Instagram and Pinterest is nothing new, but the inspiration they provide is always appreciated. The idea of designing your personal space to be an accurate representation of your style can be inspired by images of ideal homes.

But these “perfect homes” might also have a negative impact; perhaps all the beautiful places you see daily make your place seem duller and make you desire to live somewhere else that isn’t your dream home. Home is where you are! Keep reading to learn 5 ways of loving your home even when it isn’t your dream space!

1. Don’t save your love for the future

You believe, “I’ll just be here a year.” The first year then extends to a second and then to a third. Don’t put off prioritizing simple and inexpensive methods to make your apartment feel like it’s yours, regardless of how long you intend to live there —a month or a lifetime.

It may be as easy as throwing a dinner party for your closest friends or posting a family photo on the wall. Make your property feel like home wherever you are by filling it with items of decor, loved ones, and memories.

2. Make changes wherever possible

Certain elements of a home could merely be beyond your power, but not all. Decide what bothers you about the house, then consider inventive fixes.

If you’re not in love with the overhead lighting in your dining room, replace it with some dimmers! Add a beautiful rug to your living room if you’re not a fan of the flooring. Painting and replacing hardware are apparent first steps in updating any space. You’d be shocked at how much a kitchen can change with the addition of new cabinet pulls. Sometimes the best course of action is a temporary fix that will get you through till you either make a permanent adjustment or relocate.

3. Focus on the positives about your current home

Instead of focusing on your home’s shortcomings, such as an odd floor plan or ineffective windows, focus on its positive attributes. Even though the windows let chilly air in, they are charming and distinctive. Even while a small space may feel cramped, consider how much simpler it is to keep clean. The few kitchen cabinets you already have let you organize everything neatly, even though you might have preferred a dozen more. Focus on the intrinsic, redeeming aspects of your home since there are advantages to every drawback.

4. Affirm your values when it comes to a home

Consider your time in college when you shared a house with four friends who had seen better days and where the heat would, inconveniently, fail on colder nights. You had to adore it even more than you did, right?

Even though might may not wish to live in your college home’s eccentricities today, it’s likely that you’ll look back on them with nostalgia. Adopt them with grace. As discussed in the previous point, your home offers many advantages. Sit down and list them all out to remind yourself of how fortunate you are. You can even put up this list on your front door or refrigerator to reaffirm the good qualities of your space. It might just end up changing your perspective on your current living situation!

5. Enjoy the personality of your present home

What is a home? It is a haven, a secure location where you can unwind, feel at ease, and be surrounded by the people you love. You won’t remember the primary purpose of a home if you’re preoccupied with things like how much you detest the color of your hardwood flooring or are fixated on the wall you want to knock down.

To Sum Up

Your home is where the heart is! Make sure you’re making the most of your current residence by tweaking it as much as you can to your liking. Embrace the personality of your current home and don’t hesitate to give it the love it deserves! For more house-related tips and advice, check out the extensive selection on Homebliss.