Budget Decorating For Small Homes: Ideas That’ll Leave You Blown Away

Last updated on October 21st, 2022

It doesn’t matter how much space you have, or what your budget is. You can turn your home into a beautifully decorated space with just a few tweaks. It can be a coat of paint or refurbishing existing furniture. It all depends on what you have at hand.

Yes, it may sound impossible. But once you open your mind to these amazing ideas, you can transform your home into an aesthetically appealing space that will astound your friends and family. Hard to believe? These quirky ideas will blow your mind! Let’s dive in.

Idea One: Declutter your space

Decluttering is the first step to a decor upgrade. Store your knick-knacks in fancy boxes. This in itself will change the way your home looks. It can be old clothes, magazines, or footwear. If you don’t have use for it, toss it. Once you have a clean slate, you can begin renovating.

Idea Two: A fresh coat of paint

A coat of paint can do wonders for home decor. The best part is, that it’s affordable. There are many ways in which you can use paint to breathe life into your home. A coat of dark paint on the focus wall can drastically change the way your space looks. The other options? Go quirky! Paint the doors and the window frames in complementary colors.

Rather than going for a uniform color, opt for a couple of shades from the same color family. That old cabinet that does nothing for your decor? A splash of paint will make it a desirable addition to your home. Well, you get the point. This is a great beginning!

Idea Three: Shopping is fun

Yes, shopping for new furniture is a lot of fun. But if you have a tight budget, you can enjoy a ‘shopping’ spree in your home. Make a list of all the furniture items you have. Give each of them a once over and decide how best to change the look of your piece. f it’s a couch, you probably need new fabric to get a brand new sofa for half the cost. Wooden furniture items can be repolished or painted, depending on the requirements.

Idea Four: Spruce up your curtains

Buying curtains can be expensive. The cost of replacing all the curtains in your home can burn a hole in your pocket. These amazing makeover ideas for your curtains can work wonders and help you save money while also giving your house a makeover!

After a thorough wash, you can put trims on your curtains to liven them up. It can be a bit of color on the edge or some lace. The choice is yours. Cafeteria curtains are another option if you feel you need new curtains. The cost is a lot less, and they look fabulous!

Idea Five: Frame it!

Walls are like a blank canvas. But you don’t need expensive artwork to spruce up your home. You can frame just about anything you have lying around, from fabric leftover from stitching projects, your shell collection, or pressed flowers.

Maybe the old brocade sari that your mom gave you? Select frames in complementary colors that go with your decor.

Idea Six: Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging your furniture can drastically change the way your room looks. Once you have decluttered the space and rearranged the furniture, your room will surprise you. But why stop there? Shuffle the artwork from one room to the other for a new look.

Idea Seven: The magic of throw pillows and rugs

Throw pillows don’t cost a bundle. Just by changing the accent colors in your decor, your room will look as good as new. You can opt for a medley of block colors, prints, and stripes to wow your friends and family. To bring the look together, add an area rug.

Idea Eight: Plants – Lots of them!

Plants can liven up a space in a matter of minutes. You can use quirky plant holders, such as old aluminium buckets, wickerwork baskets, or earthenware jars that are stashed in your kitchen cabinet.


There is nothing you cannot do to refurbish your home without putting a dent in your pocket. All you have to do is put your mind to it. If you have trouble getting your head around it, find tons of ideas here.

Happy decorating, everyone!