Painting A Small Room? Stay Away From These Colors

Last updated on May 12th, 2023

It’s easy to get carried away when choosing a color for your small room. And while the shade you like may look great on popular home décor websites, it may not be the best choice for your small space. With the wrong color, your room may become claustrophobic or may even look smaller than it is!

To avoid a tricky situation, it’s best to learn more about the colors you should stay away from and why. Let’s dive in!

Shade One – Brilliant White

White is the safest color on the spectrum. And yet, brilliant white is not suitable for a small space as in all likelihood it will exude a bland look. What’s more, this shade is not called brilliant for nothing. Its reflective light will magnify the blemishes on your walls and create shadows, something that is best avoided.

Your options? There are a lot of tone-downed white shades to choose from. You can try off-white, or whites with a hint of grey or beige in them. For accents, try rust and brown shades on your accessories if your color leans towards beige. For grey overtones, pick shades of blue and dark grey for your throw cushions.

Shade Two – Siren Red

This magnificent color may be to die for, but for a small space, it is best to give it a pass. The reason? It can get overwhelming due to its intensity. And while a large space can take this dramatic color in its stride, you may find it difficult to sleep in a red room.

Your options? Let colors such as sage green, beige, or taupe rule the roost on your walls. For accents, indulge yourself with red accessories. Try a mix of patterns and plain colors to add dimension.

Shade Three – Flaming Orange and Yellows

These gorgeous shades are nature’s gift to home décor. But they can be alarming in your small space. Orange and yellow will dominate the décor, and your furniture will fade into the background. What’s more, these shades can cause unrest and eye strain, so avoid them at all costs.

Your options? Go for a neutral background and spread the joy of orange and rust on your cushions, rug, and bedspread.

Shade Four – Decadent Chocolate

Chocolate brown is trending, but it may not be the best choice for a small bedroom. This magnificent shade can take on a gloomy tone in a small space. And it may invoke feelings of lethargy.

Your options? Lighter shades of brown are right up your alley. Pair with accents of beige or rust to amp up the look. And hey, use this shade on the accent wall only to achieve perfection.

Shade Five – Lime Green

Green speaks the language of Mother Nature. Its soothing vibe makes it the perfect pick for your bedroom. However, the same cannot be said for lime green with its sharpness and vibrancy. It exudes energy, making it unsuitable for a relaxing space such as your bedroom.

Your options? Try moss or jade green for a calming atmosphere. You can use this shade with natural wood colors and mustard accents to amp up the look.

Shade Six – Gray

Gray is classy, it has oodles of character and is a perfect pick for your home décor. However, for a small room, gray may not be the right pick. Apart from the fact that it emits a cold vibe, it can make your space look inhospitable, something you want to avoid in your small bedroom.

Your options? Off-white or light gray walls with gray bed linen and upholstery. For your accents, try black and white cushions or artwork. If you like red, grey and red make a great pair for your accents. Gray and yellow accents are a great pairing too.

Summing Up

Picking the right shade isn’t rocket science, once you check out these tips. However, interior design has many facets. And if you want to make the impossible, possible, we are here to help you. Check out for home décor ideas and tips.