7 Stunning Ways To Master The Black Bathroom Trend

Last updated on September 29th, 2021

If you think black isn’t a great color to use in a small space, as it can swallow all the light in a space and make it look overly small and overwhelming, we are here to help you set aside your notions about this color and embrace it, as, for very good reason, it happens to be the biggest bathroom trend at the moment.

Black Bathroom

Here are a few effective ways to use black boldly in your bathroom and turn it from being a boring-old-bathroom to a feature space in your home.

1. Balance The Black With Jewel-Like Hardware

Black Bathroom

Courtesy: room-makers

Use the hardware in the black bathroom that you’re planning, as jewelry. Opt for hardware in muted gold or copper tones and elegant designs and see them standing out against the black background making the space a statement in style and elegance.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Go All Black

Courtesy: archilovers 

If unadulterated black is what you really want, let the nay-sayers be damned, and simply go all black. You can have a few lighter accents working around it, but it is absolutely possible to pull off an all-black bathroom, with a result nothing less than stunning as you can see in the image above.

3. Tame The Devil With Details

Black Bathroom

Courtesy: mathewmitchell.net

A great way of taming the immense power of black and making it work for you is by adding interesting details to it, in the form of a beautiful wallpaper for instance (see picture above). There’s a lot of black in this bathroom, but made to look elegant and interesting with the beautiful pattern thrown in into the mix.

4. Stick To A Monochromatic Scheme

Courtesy: cloudchamber.co

An important thing to remember, when using a whole lot of black in a space is to go easy with your choice of colors and keep the scheme monochromatic. This will ensure that the space doesn’t look too crowded with a lot of colors. But that in no way means that you’ll have to stick to just black. You can keep black as your main color and still have a wide array of colors to work with, from greys and charcoals to silvers and whites to balance it with.

5. Up Your Lighting Game

Courtesy: archello

The trick to making a whole lot of black seem easy on the eyes, is to distract attention from the black and pull it towards the lights used in the space. This can be done by enhancing the lighting used and make the dark space look bright and cheerful.

6. Balance Black With White

Courtesy: yandex.ru

Yet another way to pull off a black bathroom successfully is to balance the black used in the space with enough white or to use black as more of an accent color with white forming the main color used.

7. Add Texture


If you’re planning to commit to a black bathroom fully, opt for wall tiles of a textured variety. They will create enough visual interest to keep the black from getting overwhelming. Just make sure there’s plenty of natural light in the room so that the texture is able to garner enough attention.