Rethinking Velvet For Every Decor Style

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

It’s extravagant, it’s sumptuous, and was once used by the royals. It has also got a vibe of the Hollywood Regency style of decor, yet works admirably well in any home when used sparingly. Yes, we are discussing the ‘It’ texture of the season – Velvet!

Surprisingly versatile, Velvet is one of those textures that immediately take a room to the next level. Perhaps it’s the way it reflects light and just begs to be stroked! However, velvet doesn’t just speak of luxury, it can be blended into any decor style if used correctly. Take a look to know how to infuse velvet in your home.

1. For a Bold & Contemporary look

Where to Use Velvet: As a statement piece: a sofa, or a chic chair.

For a bold and modern style, opt for mid-century shapes that feature sharp lines. Keep in mind that mid-century modern is all about texture and material. So, take a stab at pairing a velvet couch with leather seats or a velvet wing chair against a statement wall. Think of velvet in solid tones, such as warm reds, tans, gritty greens, and mustard yellows.

2. For a Rich & Glamorous Look

Where to Use Velvet: Basically, anywhere and everywhere!

If your home features a rich and glamorous look then velvet is the perfect fabric for you. A tufted sofa in velvet will only work towards upping the luxe factor of the room. Blend ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst velvet accents and pillows to complete the look.

3. For a Layered & Eclectic Look

Where to Use Velvet: On a statement piece, or on accent pieces like throws, pillows, etc.

Eclectic decor is all about blending many textures, materials, styles, trends, and colors. Try using velvet in your home in the form of a statement piece or on various accent pieces like throws and pillows.

4. For a Warm & Traditional Look

Where to Use Velvet: Opt for velvet accent pieces in neutral colors.

You might feel that a velvet accent has no place in your traditional-style room. But, it is very much possible to make this lush fabric work in your favor. Layer up velvet in soft and muted tones to make the most out of your space.

5. For a Sleek & Industrial Look

Where to Use Velvet: Add pops of velvet with pillows, rugs, or accent chairs

The sleek and clean lines, concrete wall, and exposed pipes of industrial decor might make you think that there’s no place for velvet pieces in here. But, you will be surprised to know that velvet actually can bring in a touch of warmth in your otherwise neutral space, without drifting away from its roots.

6. For an Elegant & Classy Look

Where to Use Velvet: Blend tufted velvet couch with velvet curtains.

If you find yourself surrounded by plush and classy furnishings then you have endless options for velvet! Try classic velvet pieces like the Chesterfield sofa or a wing chair, and accessories like pillows and throws in soft and subdued hues.

Happy decorating, folks!