The Top 5 Indoor Plants You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

Last updated on March 2nd, 2022

Indoor plants are a great source of joy and comfort. There has been an encouraging increase in the number of people buying houseplants in the past five years, and it is estimated to grow further.


And since most people have shifted to a work-from-home set up in the last two years, houseplants have proven to be wonderful (and stunningly beautiful) companions. Big, small, leafy, flowering – the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are planning to buy your very first houseplant or add to an already impressive collection, consider these 5 plants that are trending in 2022:

1. Areca Palm

Large houseplants are in vogue, and this gorgeous leafy palm fits that trend perfectly. The plant originated in Madagascar and thrives in any warm climate. They can be placed indoors or outdoors. The plant requires fast-draining soil and should not be watered too often. These plants grow tall, thick, and lush, so make sure you place them in a large room. In your living area, this could turn out to be the living art piece that draws all the attention. Bonus – they are non-toxic to both dogs and cats.

2. Satin Pothos

This is the fancy sibling of our beloved money plant. The word ‘satin’ in the name describes how smooth the leaves are. And we know that money plants are practically indestructible! It does well with a moss stick to climb on. The leaves of this plant come with a beautiful silvery-green texture. It thrives in well-draining soil and under bright but filtered sunlight. You can easily propagate it by placing healthy cuttings in water.

3. Silver Leaf Monstera

Monstera has been trending ever since indoor plants made a comeback in the home decor world. We predict that this delicate silver-and-green beauty will rise in popularity in 2022. This plant is a creeper, so you can play with height and allow it to climb. It does well indoors, as it is adapted to indirect light. This plant fits not one, but two trends – it is large, and it is a climbing vine. Place this plant near a window to have yourself an organic privacy screen.

4. Baby Rubber Plant

This beginner-friendly plant has thick leaves in a deep, beautiful green shade. It is an indoor plant that needs to be watered occasionally. It can even be propagated by a novice. However, please note that the name is a misnomer – we cannot harvest rubber from this plant! This cute plant, with its soft, rounded look, can balance other angular decor pieces, such as a sculpture with sharp lines. It is also great for the air quality in your room.

5. Bromeliad

Plants with colorful leaves are having their moment in the world of interiors and decor. Although Bromeliads are somewhat lesser-known, they are quite easy to handle. Their bright, cheerful splash of red can liven up any room. This tropical beauty comes in many versions, and here’s an interesting trivia – pineapples are bromeliads too! While DIY channels will ask you to propagate your own pineapple from cuttings, it can take over a year to grow. Take the easy way out and find a healthy plant in your local nursery!

Psychologists have noted the mood-boosting properties of having a slice of nature inside the house. Don’t be intimidated by the online images that show homes that look like an indoor jungle. You can start small with one or two easy-growing plants to notice the same uplifting effects. Do your research and figure out the soil type and watering frequency required for the plant you choose. And always consider the climate that you are living in.

It is also helpful to look up common pests and plant diseases so that you can be prepared. Find a plant that speaks to your soul and fits into your space and start your journey. If you already are proficient in all things botanical, consider adding a fashionable new plant friend to your collection!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Happy decorating, everyone!