Feng Shui Wise: The Best Plants For Your Front Door

Last updated on March 21st, 2023

Mother Nature has been generous. There is an abundance of plants on the planet, each with a unique appeal. The beauty of these natural creations is unsurpassed and ideal for sprucing up your home décor. What’s more interesting is that some of these green wonders act as filters to remove toxins from your home.

While you may be aware of the health benefits of plants, you may not be aware that they improve energy flow or qi in your home. According to Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese belief, plants placed strategically in the home entrance can encourage harmony and balance in your home. So, what are the best plants for your front door? Let’s find out.

Feng shui and your entrance

As per the tenets of feng shui, the front door is the mouth of the qi and plays a vital role in bringing energy into your home. It depicts your persona to the world and that is how the world will see you. So, while plants will bring positive energy to your home, the door matters too. Chipped paint, rusty hinges, and a stained side wall need to be tackled first. Once your door is fixed, you can move on to the next step such as a nameplate and plants.

You can go for a single statement plant or opt for a cluster of potted wonders to amp up the décor of your entryway. A selection of earthen, metal, or wicker planters will take your design quotient up a notch.

What plants are best for your entrance?

Spike plants and sharp thorns are best avoided for your entrance as per feng shui. Plants with rounded leaves are best. Let factors such as sunlight and fresh air figure in before you make your purchase. In narrow passageways that don’t have natural light, you need a hardy plant that doesn’t need much light.

Amazing Areca palm

The Areca is a great addition to your entrance. The tropical foliage of this magnificent plant not only adds oomph to your décor but also as it emits oxygen it’s good for the environment. This feng shui plant adds appeal to your entrance, and to get it right, house it in a rustic jute planter for a natural vibe or opt for plastic or metal planters if you like.

Fabulous fiddle leaf fig

These fabulous natural wonders are gaining popularity in home décor. It’s their large, rounded leaves and the straight, sturdy stem that make them perfect for your entryway, especially if you have less space. This powerhouse of goodness is great for your health as it purifies the air by removing chemicals from the air. It’s no wonder that the Ficus lyrate or the fiddle leaf fig may soon make a journey into outer space! A great topic of conversation when you welcome guests into your home.

Magnificent Monstera

With its split-leaf foliage, it’s no wonder that the monstera is also called the Swiss cheese plant. This beautiful gift from Mother Nature brings love and kindness into your home, and under the right conditions, it thrives quickly, bringing a smile to your face every time you enter the home.

Playful pothos

Pothos or money plant is very forgiving. If you are not blessed with a green thumb this one is for you. You can let the tendrils trail out of your planter or let a hanging pothos swing in your entryway. For charming, lush foliage, trim your pothos from time to time.

Wondrous white lily

This serene and beauteous plant is a symbol of purity and peace. As it’s also associated with fertility and calmness, it’s a great choice for your entrance. It cleans the air of pollutants and it’s very pleasant to look at.

Final thoughts

Plants add beauty to your décor, whether indoors or outdoors; but by using feng shui tips you can bring positive energy into your home too. What’s more, you don’t have to splurge on decoration as these natural creations are an unbeatable style statement.

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