Thinking Of Decorating Your Nursery? How About Keeping It Gender-Neutral?

Last updated on October 31st, 2022

The gender-neutral color trends arerocking the world of nursery design.And what better way to welcome a junior into your home than by opening up a world of ideas and creativity? Let’s face it, pinks and blues for your nursery décor are predictable and dated ideas.

However, a gender-neutral nursery theme allows you a wealth of creativity, resulting in exquisite décors and themes. As for a child, life can get dull with just one shade to look at. So if you want to stimulate your baby’s brain cells, these unique décor ideas are a must-see. So let’s check them out.

Neutral Colors for an Exciting Touch

A neutral canvas allows you to play with soothing shades for a calming effect. You can play with shades of grey or beige on paneling, wallpaper, or paint to take care of your basics. Once that’s taken care of, build up on this theme with wooden furniture and bright accents.

Shades of beige, grey, and white can be your backdrop. You can add touches of your favorite colors to the cushions, the baby quilt, or the wall art. Yellow is ideal if your base color is grey. For beige shades, try orange to perk up your décor.

Use Natural Elements

Natural materials are the flavor of the season. These can be wicker or rattan furniture or natural wood accents. To amp the natural vibe, there is a lot you can do. Woven dhurries, natural textiles, and baskets will do the trick. Macrame jhoolas and cane hanging lamps are a great addition to the look.

Add a Pop of Color

There is nothing like a splash of color to brighten up a nursery. A bright accent wall is a nice touch to welcome the baby home. For a subdued hint of vibrancy, try adding wall art, cushions, or stuffed toys in your chosen colors to breathe life into the room. Colorful buntings and crib mobiles are exciting features too.

Try Unique Color Combinations

A grey-with-peach combination doesn’t strike you as the ideal color choice for a baby’s room. However, the impact of these colors is to be seen to be believed. Other color options are sea green with light wood furniture or grey walls with white furniture.

This charming room has just the touch you need when feeding the baby in the middle of the night!

Go for the Animal Theme

Animals are the season’s favorite theme. You can use the jungle safari theme or opt for barnyard animals to enliven the nursery. Animal wallpaper or stencil work are great options, too. The stuffed toys will take it from there.

Stuffed giraffes are very popular and can play the leading role. Alternatively, you can line up stuffed animals on your shelving unit to carry the concept forward.

Multi-Color Theme

With a rainbow of colors to choose from, you can elevate your nursery décor with a bit of this and a dash of that. Your choices? Turquoise green, black and white look gorgeous. To get the desired impact, let the white take center stage. The turquoise green can play a subdued role on cabinet drawers, paired with white and wood tones. The wooden flooring will bring this look together.

Other options? White with vibrant accents, or white with shades of pink and black.

Colors of Spring Bring Joy

Spring heralds new beginnings. This symbolic theme is ideal for a nursery, as your baby will take its first steps to a joyful tomorrow. Your choices? Shades of beige and brown, with leafy green accents. Floral green wallpaper with white furniture and pink or blue accents will work well, especially if you can’t resist a touch of pink or blue in your décor! For a daring statement, how about a rich yellow color for your furniture? Kids will love it!

Last Thoughts

Nothing is as exciting as decorating your nursery when you are expecting a baby. You can use these ideas or come up with your own if you can carry them through. Or better still, ask the experts. has its finger on the pulse of design trends and will be glad to help.