The Oversize Furniture Trend Is Back!

Last updated on July 17th, 2023

Just when we think we have seen the last of a trend, it bounces back with a few interesting tweaks. The oversized furniture trend reflects the times we lived in during the pandemic. Comfort took precedence over other factors during the lockdown.

So, how big is big? And do all your furniture pieces have to be oversized? That is a million-dollar question. But rather than beat about the bush, let’s dive in and find out more.

What the Oversize Furniture Trend is All About

If you go by professional dictates, oversize means furniture that is almost twice the size of regular furniture. While this can apply to other furniture pieces too, the focus is on your couch.

So, is it just the size? Not really. We are talking about sofas that are deeper and comfier, ideal for curling up with a book or catching a late-night show on Netflix. Bench cushions too are gaining popularity. With this extra seating, you can avoid a tight squeeze on your couch.

How to Go About it

A corner sectional is the best way to incorporate this trend into your home. If your sectional is wall-to-wall, lighting will have to come from well-placed wall scones or hanging lights, depending on your space and décor. A curved floor lamp can amp up the look, provided you have room for it. You can complete this gorgeous look with a few plants and vibrant throw cushions. A rug will bring the design together.

Check the Measurements

While oversized sofas and sectionals are to die for, if you get the measurements wrong, it will be catastrophic. So, what are your options? You can contact a reputed design firm to do the job for you. Or you can get your sofa custom-made from furniture stores or your carpenter.

The word measure can’t be emphasized enough if you are buying your sofas from a furniture outlet. Take structural features and wall overhangs, niches and skirting into account before you make your purchase.

To get a fair idea of space, you can either spread out sheets of brown paper or cut them to size on the floor. Or you can pile up cardboard boxes to give you a three-dimensional visual of what to expect. And hey, transporting your sofas to the building is a simple matter. However, getting them inside your home is tricky if you are on the tenth floor. Work out the logistics with the vendor before making a purchase.

Go Modular

Modular sofas are a perfect pick as you get to arrange the sofa sections as per your requirements. The flexible character of modular sectionals makes them appealing for home décor.

Supporting Furniture

Hey, just because you have oversize sofas in your room doesn’t mean you have to match them with bulky furniture. For your supporting furniture, try chairs with legs to give a feeling of airiness.

A large coffee table will bring balance to your design. A few modern pendant lights and a curved floor lamp are ideal for this setting. The large coffee table adds intimacy and allows your guests comfortable when they want to set their glasses on the table. When you have more guests, stackable floating tables will do the trick.

What About Color?

Black is slimming, where fashion is concerned. The same can’t be said for your sofas. A huge patch of black or olive will crowd your space, making it look smaller than it is. We advise lighter shades such as gray or beige for your oversized sofas. Use textures and patterns in your cushions and rug to rock the look.

Summing Up


Comfortable sofas are a living room essential. However, with oversized furniture, you take it to the next level. Watching TV or catching up with friends takes on a new meaning when you have comfy furniture. The downside? You will hate to get up for refills when you are entertaining!

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