How to Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

With increasing urbanization, shrinking house sizes (and not to mention increasing household stuff), it seems like basic comfort is getting lost somewhere down the line. Well, that doesn’t need to be true! In fact, small houses are way more comfortable to live in and maintain as compared to big ones. Since, you have a small house, choosing space-saving furniture is a great way to start.

In today’s write-up, we will learn how to choose furniture for small spaces. Check it out.

1. Free Up Sight Lines

How to choose furniture for small spaces
When choosing furniture for small apartments, always look for pieces that don’t block your view. Think open-sided storage unit, glass top table, and slim chairs that will make your home much cozier.

2. Keep Them Skinny

In a small space, choosing slender furniture pieces is a great way to start. For instance, a big sofa with heavy cushions and fat arms will look way too heavier in a small living room. Instead, choose a slender sofa with visible legs will make the space look light and breezy.

3. Think Vertical

When living in a small space, always think of using vertical spaces, keeping your precious floor space empty. Wall mount the television, opt for floating shelves, and turn a window area into a cozy nook.

4. Consider Off-Label Uses

When space is at a premium, think creatively. Just because the dresser is supposed to be in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be in the entryway, acting as a console table!

5. Add Secondary Storage

Usually, small houses lack storage. That is why it is important to buy furniture that provides storage options as well. Use a chest instead of a coffee table to add storage in the living room. Opt for a storage-enabled bed instead of the normal one. Or instead of a footstool, make use of a vintage trunk that provides an additional storage option.

6. Double Up

While choosing furniture for small spaces, think of pieces that have multiple uses. Think of a sofa cum bed that provides you both with a seating and sleeping option. Make use of unconventional pieces to add significant storage in your home.

7. Add an all-purpose piece

Put resources into a little, light piece that can be effortlessly moved wherever you require it. A little two-fold decker truck, for instance, goes about as an additional kitchen prep region that can be moved into the lounge to fill in as a bar truck or tidbit station when you have company.

8. Divide and Rule

Although it may appear to be counterproductive, partitioning a space influences the entire space to appear bigger. On the off chance that you live in a studio flat, counterfeit additional rooms with the assistance of drapes or an overlapping board. Place a divider in a corner to make an improvised office, or in the kitchen for a cozy lounge area.

Happy decorating, peeps!