A Practical Luxury: Wardrobe Lighting Ideas

Last updated on December 6th, 2021

Very few people think of this aspect of wardrobe design. But trust us, once you get used to this amazingly functional design feature, it’s hard to do without it!

It isn’t just an added frill to your wardrobe. Picture this. Your wardrobe happens to be in a space where there isn’t much natural light, especially in the evenings. And even the overhead lights might not throw enough light on every corner of your wardrobe. And what if, you have an evening planned out and there’s a power outage?

A well-lit wardrobe can give you clear visibility of what’s inside while adding tons of appeal to its design. If we’ve managed to have you nodding by now, let’s have a quick look at all the ways you can change your not-so-well-lit wardrobe to one that shines brilliantly with elegance and functionality!

1.  Wardrobe Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting with automatic sensors is all the rage at the moment, lighting your closet up like a million dollars every time you open it, and turning it off on its own, the moment you close the doors.

2. Rail Lighting

Having lights installed right on the clothes rails of your wardrobe is a clever way to illuminate your cupboard and see your clothes in the right light and not to mention, add stunning elegance to your wardrobe.

3. Drawer Lights

Wardrobes can be fitted with drawer lights which light up as soon as the drawer is pulled out. These lights use infrared sensor technology and can be a great addition to your wardrobe, and aren’t just amazing to use, but make your wardrobe beautiful to look at! Also, since they are LEDs, they tend to have a long life.

4. Wardrobe Downlights

If you aren’t keen on installing lights inside your wardrobe, you can have them installed on the outer sections of the wardrobe by creating a false platform. This lights up your wardrobe both on the outside and the inside!

5. Reflected Light From Mirrors

Although mirrors don’t light up your closet, they help spread the light all around them. Mirrored wardrobes bring with them this added advantage. Just use lights around the mirrors and you have the entire surroundings lighting up without your having to install many light fixtures to create the same effect!

Go ahead, use these ideas to light up one of the most important parts of your home!