5 Design Secrets You Need To Know Before You Turn 30

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Although the end result is usually stunning, deciding on the best home décor style and the right approach to take to make it all happen, can be downright overwhelming. The road is fraught with rookie mistakes. But thankfully, as we get older and gain more experience, we evolve and learn not to repeat those mistakes.

Instead of letting you learn from your own mistakes the hard way, we’ve curated a list of the most important things you need to know about style and decor before you turn 30. And here’s the first installment!


1. Use rugs and throw pillows to refresh your space

We spend a lot of time in our living room and it’s easy to feel bored of the décor. While changing the entire setting will take a lot of money, here’s something that can give you a whole new living room, without having to spend as much. Invest in a quality sofa, that lasts long and doesn’t age too quickly. You can choose one in a neutral color like light grey or taupe, and keep changing the rug and the throw pillows, which are more budget-friendly items.

2. Don’t underestimate poufs

Incorporate plenty of poufs in your home. Why? Because a pouf is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that doesn’t just make spaces more functional (serving as extra seating when friends come over) but also lends tons of style and texture to a space. When used in the living room, poufs also help balance the seating scene and make the living room feel less couch-dominated.

 3. When you buy one, toss one too

Here’s a rule you need to adhere to strictly if you want a clutter-free home. Whenever you buy something new, make sure you get rid of something old. That’s not to say toss away what you love, every time you buy something new. But the logic is quite simple. There’s a reason you decide to replace a rug, or a chair, or a coffee mug and if you don’t want to be a hoarder, it’s only right to give away what you think you no longer need. 

4. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t spark joy

Here’s yet another mantra to keep your home clutter-free and make sure it’s a space you love living in. Keep nothing in your house that you think is not useful or you believe is not beautiful. Surround yourself with things you love and see how your enjoyment of life grows exponentially. And remember to display things that bring you joy, in prominent places around the house!

5. Don’t keep chasing after what could be ‘better’

Get off that decorating hamster wheel. Yes, there are better rugs, lamps, and fabrics out there. The world is full of them. But remember, there can’t be one, singular way of creating a beautiful space. Just go with your gut feeling and create your own gorgeous space by making confident design choices.

Happy decorating, folks!