An Architect Or An Interior Designer: Who Do You Need?

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Every house has a story. And it’s usually architects and interior designers of the spaces in question, who pen these stories. If you need someone to create yours, who should you turn to – an architect or an interior designer?

There’s a lot of confusion about these two professions and the truckload of information that the internet makes available, only makes it harder for homeowners to make the choice. Here’s help. Find out here, who they are and whom do you need to approach for your home…

What Does An Architect Do?

An architect designs and oversees the construction of a building from start to finish, making sure the structure isn’t just pleasant to look at and functional but also built under the right safety norms.
Their responsibilities usually involve:
1. Chalking out a floor plan based on the needs of the clients.
2. Proposing a plan and a budget.
3. Making sure all rules are adhered to, during construction.
4.  Monitoring and guiding the construction crew to supervise the quality of work.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

The work of an interior designer, on the other hand, begins once the construction of a building is finished and they use their creativity and know-how to furnish the empty interiors with the needs and likes of the owners in mind.
Their responsibilities involve:
1. Understanding the needs of the family they’re designing for.
2. Preparing a plan that includes details like furniture, wall designs, layouts, lighting, etc., and working out a budget for the design.
3. Sourcing materials and manpower for the work.
4. Making changes to the finished design as per the clients’ needs.

Who Do You Need For Your Home? A Few Pointers

1. An architect designs the whole building. A designer tries to create a certain look inside it.
2. An architect builds a structure making sure certain rules and restrictions are followed in terms of the building specifications, the materials used, etc. An interior designer on the other hand works on creating aesthetically sound and functional interiors as per the needs of the homeowners.
3. A structure that is ready and in need of decorating, needs an interior designer. But an empty plot or a house in need of remodeling needs an architect.
4. Charges vary and usually are a percentage of the project value, ranging from 6 to 15 %. But they can vary based on the scope of work involved.

Here’s wishing you make all the right choices on the journey to your dream home!