Designing Internals For Kids’ Wardrobes Made Easy

Last updated on July 4th, 2022

Nothing beats the joy of shopping for your kids. There are a lot of cute must-haves lining the shelves of malls, each with their own argument as to why they should make it into your shopping cart. The result? Your kid’s wardrobe is stuffed with clothes, toys, and games.

Let’s not go into your total loss of control when it comes to shopping for your kid, and look into ways in which you can make storing the stuff simpler.

Hanging them up in neat order

Hangers for your kid’s clothes are a given. However, when you segregate the onesies from the ‘Ts’ and the bottoms, you can organize your kids’ wardrobe better. The same goes for your toddlers or older kids. When the tops are in a different section of your wardrobe, the selection is easier and you save space as your ‘ts’ don’t require that much length.

Before you jump into it, make sure the hanger rods are within reach of your child. That way, they can select the clothes they want, encouraging motor skills and independence.

Sections for toys and games

Stuffing teddy bears in a jumble with the clothes in your kids wardrobe, is a disaster in the making. You will be left with a hoard of crumpled clothes and missing pajama bottoms.

So, if you don’t want to pull out your ironing board every few days, make sure to incorporate sections for toys, books, and games. That way, the toys are within easy reach when your child needs them.

Open shelves for books and toys


Wardrobe shutters can be a hazard where small kids are concerned. It’s easy for their delicate fingers to get caught in the door, leading to serious injuries. However, this doesn’t mean your kids shouldn’t open the shutters themselves. Once they get the hang of it, they will be able to get what they want without injury.

The best way to avoid any mishap for younger kids is by adding a few open shelves in your kids’ wardrobe. This will make access easier. The room will look prettier too.

Drawers for underwear and Tees

An efficient way to manage sundries such as underwear, socks, and diapers is by sectioning your drawers. This makes it easy to locate the item you need without creating a mess. The added advantage of this arrangement is that your kid too will learn the art of managing space and neatness. Make sure to keep stuff such as toys or books at a lower level so that your kids can help themselves when they need anything.

Pull-out trays are ideal for little girls for their hairbands and pins. What better way to learn ‘a place for everything and everything in its place?’

Basket storage in wardrobe

Fancy hampers and baskets are perfect receptacles for your napkins, diapers, or toys. All you have to do is remove the basket you need, leaving the rest of the stuff where it is. These amazing wonders not only add style to your kids’ wardrobe, but it’s also less expensive too.

Plastic bins with lids are another great way to keep your stuff organized. You can label the containers so that you don’t have to open each one of them to locate what you are searching for.

Shoe rack in your kids’ wardrobe

Kids’ shoes do tend to clutter up the shoe rack and create a mess in the entryway, especially when your kids are running in and out of the house all day long. And with your frequent shopping sprees, you have more footwear than you bargained for! So, what’s one to do?

Well, a shelf or shoe rack at the bottom of your kids’ wardrobe would be perfect to house all their footwear in style. They can even match their footwear with their clothes, encouraging color recognition skills.

Final thoughts

Organizing your kids’ wardrobe is a lot easier when you address the internal design as per your needs. When you have a place for everything, putting away toys and clothes is a breeze.

For more tips on the subject, you can always turn to for help. With years of experience under their belt, out-of-the-box design ideas are their forte.