Ergonomics Of Dining Tables And Chairs You’ve Got To Know About

Last updated on July 4th, 2022

With evolving styles and designs in home decor, it’s not surprising that functionality is the last thing on our minds when we buy our dining table and chairs – more so when most of our purchases depend on the reviews in the description box on the website.

Is it any wonder that we often end up at a dining table that is less than comfortable? This brings us to the topic of ergonomics of dining tables and chairs. Yes, it sounds complicated, but once you understand the concept, you can make an informed choice when shopping for your dining table and chairs. So, what is ergonomics?

Let’s find out.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is all about the enhancement of human efficiency. When furniture is designed keeping comfort and wellbeing in mind, it has the perfect dimensions for optimum support.

Awareness about health and comfort has seen a rise in recent times. With ergonomically designed furniture, you can have a comfortable dining experience, as your body doesn’t have to stretch to reach your plate. So, what are the things you should be looking out for before you pick your dining table and chairs?

Things you should consider before making a pick

An accidental nudge from your neighbor’s elbow can spell disaster. If you don’t want your garments to get a taste of the soup before you, you must consider the size of the table and how many people it will be comfortably accommodating.

The shape too figures in the equation. Oval-shaped tables are not as accommodating as their rectangular brethren. For a large family, rectangular-shaped tables work the best.

The dimensions of your space are the next on the ‘must-check,’ list. There is no sense in buying a huge dining table and chairs that leave little room for serving. Here again, a rectangular dining table works best.

The dining chair height matters

To get the perfect chair size for your seating space, the seat height and the back height are equally important. The standard height of a tabletop is 30 inches. The standard chair height is 18 inches. This gives your body a comfortable room when your chair is tucked in.

The standard height for the chair back can be anywhere from 32 to 34 inches. Design trends are ever-evolving, and just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean you have to get it if it is not comfortable.

With your family sitting around the table, how many inches should be between dining chairs? Allow 18 to 24 inches of space for each person sitting at the table.

How wide should your dining table be?

Putting ergonomics aside, space can be a decisive factor, especially when you live in a small apartment when you are considering the dining table standard size. Ideally, there should be around one meter of space between your table and your wall. This allows you to move around the table without jostling seated guests.

So, what are the standard dining table sizes? As mentioned, take the size of your room and the number of people using your dining table and chairs into consideration. The width of your rectangular table can be around 36-40 inches. The standard height, by and large, is 29-31 inches.

So, how much space is needed for a dining table and chairs?

What is the standard size of a dining table?

The length of a table for 4-6 seating should be 68-72 inches.

For 6-8 people, you will need 72-80 inches in length.

For 8-10 people, the length can be anywhere between 80-92 inches.

Do dining chairs have to fit under the table?

Ideally, the answer is yes. However, if you opt for heavy upholstered chairs with arms, you may not be able to slide them in. They look great but be prepared for an uncomfortable dining experience.

Final thoughts

Getting the dynamics right is the key. Once you have these dining table ergonomics in place, you not only enjoy the fluidity of movement around your table but can enjoy your meal comfortably.

However, let’s face it. Getting these figures right is tricky at best. Professionals like those at Homebliss have years of experience in the field and will guide you through the process.