Idea File: Beautiful Color Schemes For Indian Kitchens

Last updated on October 26th, 2022

From a time when modular kitchens were just a luxury, they have now become a necessity and norm in Indian kitchens. Sky’s the limit when you go about doing up the heart of your home – its kitchen!

Let’s have a look at 8 stunning ways to lend personality and some drama to this significant place in your home!

1. Wooden charm

Wood has been around for centuries and is known to add a warm touch to any space. Try it in your kitchen with a combination of see-through glass upper cabinets and a countertop in black or white with or without a patterned backsplash and watch your guests dropping their jaws when they enter your kitchen!

2. A pop of color in serene surrounds

Don’t stop using neutrals in your kitchen thinking they’ll make the space dull. Add a bright pop of color in a neutral kitchen with a boldly patterned backsplash and watch the magic unfold! And not just backsplashes, try pops of colors like teal, orange or yellow, wherever you think fit. The neutrals will make sure they don’t get overwhelming.

3. Vibrant vibes

Make a style statement in your kitchen with vibrant colors. Use bright solid colors in good doses and complement it with a backsplash and countertop in a shade of white. Just make sure there’s plenty of natural light in your kitchen when you make this choice!

4. White and woody

Add white and wooden tones to any space and you’ll not feel like taking your eyes off of the space, such is this fire-and-ice combination! White adds to the oomph factor while the wood keeps the space grounded with its texture. Try it to believe it!

5. Stunning contrast

A sure-shot way to make a space look stunning instantly is to use contrast! It works especially well if you have to separate work areas in a large kitchen. Or if you have an island layout.

6. Peppy, yet earthy

This is yet another out-of-the-box combination that is transforming kitchens in Indian homes into nothing short of works of art! Good doses of neutrals and earthy tones used with vibrant citrus hues might just be what your kitchen needs right now!

7. Two-tone

Two-tone kitchens are quite the rage these days with two different shades used for the upper and lower cabinets. Having two colors in a kitchen isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also helps you use white with another shade and opens up a small kitchen space. Also, using darker shades in base cabinets makes the maintenance easier, while giving you the option of choosing a lighter shade or even white in the upper cabinets.

8. Pristine white

Quintessentially European in origin and popularity, white kitchens are finding their way into Indian homes as well. A tad harder to maintain, we concede, but nothing comes close to the true aesthetics of an all-white kitchen.

Happy decorating, peeps!