Clever Kitchens: 6 Ways To Design Corner Cabinets

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

Corners can be the most under-utilized spaces in kitchens and mostly used to stow away things that almost never see the light of day. Agree? Well, not if you decide to use the clever accessories and design solutions available these days!

And with the ergonomics of kitchens designed today, these accessories have become more spacious and easier-to-use. Read on to know 6 ways to put your kitchen corners to good use!

1. L-Shaped Corner Units

This is the most basic and low-cost corner solution that uses no additional accessories. It isn’t great at space utilization and convenience and makes it difficult to reach items stored in the corners. It is, however, good if you plan to use the corners only to store large items that aren’t used every day. In L-shaped corners, instead of being hinged at the corner, the doors are hinged at the sides, which creates a good amount of storage space.

2. Extended shelves

This is another cost-effective solution that works for many households. It is useful when you plan to store items that get hardly used on the corner shelves. And since you access them occasionally, the slight inconvenience doesn’t matter much.

3. Corner Carousel Unit

A corner carousel unit also called a Lazy Susan, is a great accessory that makes good utilization of corner space, without making a huge dent on the wallet. The trays which come in three shapes – circular, semi-circular and 3/4th circle, are hinged on a central axis and rotate on it, making everything kept on them easily accessible. It can get wobbly over time and is often used only when the budget is a constraint.

4. Corner Swivel Pullout

A corner swivel pullout is one of the best ways to put the corner space in a kitchen to good use. It consists of a unit that swivels out when the cabinet is opened and goes back and sits inside when not in use, making everything inside easily and conveniently accessible.

5. Magic Corner Unit

Magic corner units, although truly magical in the way they operate have more to do with clever design than magic. This unit houses two complete cabinet units side by side, making complete use of every inch of available space. It works in a 2-step system and when pulled out into full view, both the storage units come out neatly for easy access, one after the other.

6. Corner Drawers

Corner drawers can put a blind kitchen corner to great use. They can accommodate many things inside and keep everything easily accessible. They do increase the cost of the modular kitchen a bit though.

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Happy decorating folks!