Stack, Hide, Display: Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

Last updated on June 26th, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of a home and a very busy one at that! And that implies a lot of the clutter and mess have a tendency to accumulate in this area. Hence, any extra storage available is always welcome.

And just because we may not be blessed with a large kitchen space, doesn’t mean we need to hold back on kitchen storage. We simply need to get creative with it! We present to you 9 savvy ways of doing it, right here! Read on to learn more.

1. Build A Multipurpose Command Center

Transform one side of the refrigerator cabinet into a multipurpose command center of the house. This super easy project uses spaces that are generally overlooked.

2. Create Open Shelves

Use open racks to store cookbooks, serving dishes or vases. They don’t just put unused corners to use, but are also a sure-shot way to keep things tidy in the kitchen!

3. Get Custom Freestanding Units

If your kitchen needs additional cabinet space, then consider investing in a freestanding kitchen cabinet to increase its storage capacity.

4. Put Under-the-Sink Space To Work

Get the most out of your under-the-sink space with a super easy solution. Keep your most used things like dish cleaner, rags, wipes etc. away from sight and have easy access to them the instant you need them.

5. Give Empty Corners Something To Do

When thinking of storage, most of us ignore the corners in the kitchen. Use the corners to store small appliances like mixer grinder, sandwich maker etc.

6. Use the Backsplash

Make your backsplash do something other than just looking pretty. Install a tension rod to keep kitchen tools handy when you’re in the thick of things!

7. Store on the Door

Use the back of your cabinet shutters to hide knick-knacks out of sight.

8. Upright Storage

Store all the kitchen knick-knacks, like, chopping boards and platters, upright. You can use the tight spaces alongside the sink to store these things.

9. Use All Possible Space

Put the toe-kick area (the space between the cupboards and the floor) to work and introduce a shallow cabinet in this forgotten space. Use the spot to store children’s toys, serving dishes or craft essentials.