Kitchen Islands: 9 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Them

Last updated on December 24th, 2021

A Kitchen Island. This slick, elegant-looking thing in the middle of your kitchen promising to fulfill your dreams of a perfect kitchen. Finally, a space to entertain guests in, while you cook and a solution to all your storage problems in a kitchen. Not to mention all that extra counter space!

If you find yourself nodding in agreement and are planning on getting yourself one of these, then we insist that you read on, to learn 9 extremely compelling reasons, why having a kitchen island is not as great an idea as you think it is! Don’t believe us? See it for yourself!

1. They are clutter-magnets

A Kitchen island attracts clutter. Tons of it. One second you finish cleaning it up, the next, you find it covered with groceries, stray coffee mugs, keys, and what have you. And there you are, sorting it all out again. Think about it. Do you really need the extra work?

2. No one ever sits at them

Myth: Kitchen island provides plenty of extra seating. Fact: Put out all the stools you want, but the island is the last place guests will sit around. And let’s face it, it’s hardly comfortable sitting at an island unit. You can’t really blame your guests.

3. They look messy, even when clear

Another problem with a kitchen island is that everything on it forms a focal point. So even when your island is clear and has only a few items on it, just the cutting board and the toaster you have on it are enough to make it look cluttered.

4. Appliances can look awkward on them

Kitchen counters are designed so that you see only the fronts of the appliances you keep on them. But a kitchen island, if you’re planning to keep any appliances on it, provides a view from all sides. Do you really want the backs of your appliances on display?

5. They can be conversation stoppers

Yes. Contrary to what is generally believed, kitchen islands are excellent conversation stoppers. We’ll show you how.
Picture this. You’re having an interesting conversation with your guests around the island, and then you turn around to fix them a snack. All conversation ceases as everyone suddenly begins to watch what you’re doing.

6. They aren’t very functional

It’s an appealing thought to be able to entertain guests while you cook. But can you really reach for all those drawers and cupboards or even use that extra countertop space with all your guests seated at it? If not, then how functional is it really? And is it worth investing in something that isn’t even functional?

7. They’re difficult to get right

Designing a kitchen island isn’t simple. Too big and you leave no space for free movement, too tiny and it has no real purpose other than being an obstruction. So, think before you plunge into getting one installed in your kitchen.

8. They don’t leave any privacy

Okay. Time to face reality. The actual cooking is hardly like what you see in cookery shows on TV. Cooking in real homes involves messes, spills, and a lot of chaos. Do we really want our guests to be witnessing all that? Well, if your answer is nowhere near a yes, then think before giving in to this latest fad in kitchen design.

9. They’re yet another surface to keep your cat off of

All cat owners will agree with this – Cats love kitchens. And an additional attractive surface that a kitchen island presents, is too hard for them to resist. So, if you’re planning on adding a kitchen island to your kitchen, be prepared for your cat’s (constant) presence on it.

Have fun decorating your space, folks!