Wardrobe 101: Your Complete Guide To Wardrobes

Last updated on July 25th, 2022

Right after a bed, the wardrobe is the next most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. And given that this is, in all likelihood, the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see before you sleep, it’s important that it isn’t just functional, but also pleasant to look at and reflective of who you are.

Here’s a quick look at the various types of wardrobes popular in the market and their important features.

1. Free-standing Wardrobes

These are the rather traditional style of wardrobes that can be moved from one room to another. They usually come in a wooden finish, but you can also find options in metal and plastic.

A major limitation of this type of wardrobe is the lack of space inside them, even if your wardrobes look large.

2. Hinged-door Wardrobes

These are the most common and standard styles of wardrobes, with their shutters opening in the front. They can be made with or without handles and happen to be quite a versatile and easily lockable wardrobe solution.

A pre-requisite here is a large enough space for you to be able to open the doors and access the items inside. And a major advantage of these is that the entire wardrobe can be accessed at one go, by opening all the shutters together, something that can’t be done with sliding-door wardrobes.

3. Sliding-door Wardrobes

These are a contemporary and stylish take on the classic hinged-door wardrobes, with their sliding doors gliding smoothly on tracks.
Usually designed with two, three, or four sliding doors, these can be great space-savers in this age where square-footage comes at a considerable premium, as they free up all the space that the pull-out hinged doors would otherwise take.

The one thing you would need to ensure with sliding-door wardrobes is the quality of materials you choose for the tracks that the doors slide on, to ensure that their movement is smooth and noise-free.

4. Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in-wardrobes are the most versatile and luxurious of all wardrobe options. They are to furniture what five-star hotels are to the hospitality industry. They are perfect for people who are totally into fashion and end up collecting a huge amount of clothes and accessories to go with them.

A standard walk-in wardrobe would have both shelves and hanging rods on every side and a chair or a bench to sit and try things on, with a large mirror along one of the walls, but they are mostly designed to the specifications of their users.
A large bedroom could be given a partition with sliding doors to make space for a walk-in wardrobe or a spare room in the house could be made into one.

Happy decorating, folks!