Modular Kitchen Backsplashes: Pros And Cons Of All Popular Options

Last updated on October 7th, 2021

Gone are the days when kitchen backsplashes were nothing more than a pale, tiled wall sporting faint stains of grease and oil. The variety of options available today, to cover the wall behind your stove, gives you the choice to make a statement with it and turn it into a focal point in your kitchen!

Here’s a quick rundown of the popularly used kitchen backsplash materials and the good and the not-so-great things about them. So, go ahead, scroll down and enter the world of kitchen backsplashes with us!

1. Glass

Glass is a strong and durable kitchen backsplash material that is easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable and comes with plenty of design options.
It’s ideal to use tempered glass that is at least 3 inches thick. You can choose a glass backsplash in a matte or a glossy finish, and it can be mirrored, painted-on, printed or pasted-on, depending on what catches your fancy. Another advantage of glass is that it comes in large panels, so your backsplash can be given a seamless finish. It also costs a lot less than it used to a few years ago. Just ensure that you have the edges properly rounded to avoid accidents.

2. Stainless Steel

If your kitchen has many appliances in a steel finish, then this backsplash which comes as a flat, durable, stainless steel sheet fixed on the wall behind your stove, would be a good bet. It is very easy to maintain and is quite affordable.
But you might want to be careful while handling it as it isn’t scratch resistant and harsh chemicals or scrubbers can leave it looking dull over time. It is also prone to denting on impact.

3. Marble

This stunning backsplash material can add a luxe appeal to your kitchen for sure. Not to mention that since no two marble slabs are alike, your kitchen backsplash also remains unique. But such exquisite beauty comes at a price. Not only is it expensive, but requires sealing of its pores regularly, and is also prone to chipping and scratches.
On the upside, the natural patterns in the stone do mask cooking stains well and marble is extremely fire resistant, making it a good choice for kitchen backsplashes, if cost isn’t a concern.

4. Granite

Granite works equally well as a backsplash option in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. It is a highly durable material available in a wide range of colors, and easy to clean and maintain. The only drawback that it has is the cost involved and its low resistance to stains, owing to its porous nature.

5. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been a popular choice in kitchen backsplashes for many years now. And thanks to modern printing technology, you no longer need to contend with plain-looking tiles for your kitchen, but can now choose textures and colors resembling wood and natural stones. There’s a broad price range that these come in, and they are by far the easiest to clean and maintain. The only downside, if you might call it that, is that the lines between the tiles that are visible. But at the hands of an expert, even those can be masked to a great extent.

6. Engineered Stone

Made from a mixture of crushed quartz and resin, this material is extremely resistant to heat, scratches, and damage. It is available in a wide variety of colors and designs and its large panels allow for a seamless finish. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain. The only drawback that it comes with is the cost of having it installed by a specialist.

7. Polished Plaster

Polished plaster gives you the option of choosing between a smooth, polished finish or a rough, weathered-looking one, and in any color that you desire. Even the color that you choose can be created in shades with varying depths. It is very easy to maintain and clean, except for accidental chipping, which is rather hard to repair.

8. Composite

Composite backsplashes are a blend of resins and natural minerals. These are extremely durable and easy to maintain and care for. And since they come as large panels and can be molded easily, you can expect a seamless finish in your backsplash. One of their drawbacks is that they aren’t very resistant to scratches.

9. Laminates

Laminates are a great, affordable kitchen backsplash option that are easy to maintain, and with a little help from technology, can be made to resemble higher-priced options like granite or wood.
But laminates need to be kept dry as water can damage them over time and they aren’t particularly heat resistant and need at least 4 inches between them and the stove.