Kitchen Storage Alert: 6 Clever Storage Ideas To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Last updated on November 16th, 2022

Kitchen is a space that can be hard to keep organized all the time. After all there’s so much that happens in that small space. But having a place for everything, can be the first step towards trying to keep it that way. And when done right, even the tiniest of kitchens have many unexplored storage possibilities.

Here are 6 of them that you can try with yours!

1. Keep your fruits and veggies in place in hanging wire or rattan baskets. Not only does that save space on your kitchen countertop or the island, they also make for nice, rustic décor elements adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen!

Courtesy: Cozinhas Itatiaia

2.  Use the vertical space in your kitchen to set up open shelves and use them to keep things that you need where you can easily find them. Having open shelves will also naturally drive you into keeping them organized and putting things back in their place after use.

Courtesy: Chucksidea

3.  Install a magnetic plate (You can easily get one online) in the kitchen to keep all your knives in one place. You’ll never have to hunt for knives in your cutlery drawer again, or hurt yourself accidentally while trying to!

Courtesy: MadelocalMarkets

4. Install a small rack on your kitchen island to keep spices or flatware that you might need at mealtimes. No more making a mad dash for the kitchen when everyone’s just sat down to eat!

Courtesy: LemaisonFresh

5. Make use of the space behind your cabinet doors to hang miscellaneous essentials. All you need are hooks to hang things off of.

Courtesy:  Seapavaa

6. Store your cutting boards in a wire basket installed on the side of your kitchen island or cabinet. It’ll put an unused space to good use and keep all your chopping boards where you can find them easily when you need them.

Courtesy: pixstock