Should You Get A Stainless Steel Countertop For Your Home?

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

With an increasing awareness of its amazing properties and uses, Stainless steel is fast replacing marble, granite, and wood as countertop materials. Want to know if it’s good enough before making it your companion in your kitchen? Read on.

The Pros

1.It is extremely durable

Stainless-steel is resilient in the face of water, stains and heat, and will withstand almost anything and as a result, makes for an excellent countertop choice.

2.It is affordable and easy to maintain

Not only is stainless steel inexpensive when compared to its more expensive counterparts but acids, food colors, and oils cannot stain it. Nor does it get cracked or harmed because of heat. This makes its cleaning and maintenance easy and quick.

3.It is extremely hygienic

No solids and liquids can penetrate its surface and as a result, no bacteria or mold can make a home in it. If cleaned regularly and properly, stainless-steel can make for the most hygienic and cleanest of all countertop materials.

4.It is versatile

Unlike its counterparts, stainless steel is flexible and can be customized to fit into any space, molded into interesting designs and given almost any kind of look. It can even be extended to include a backsplash and a sink.
5.It can expand your kitchen space
The shiny surface of steel reflects light and creates an illusion of a larger space, making the whole place appear brighter. So, if you happen to have a small kitchen, this is a good countertop option.

Now The Cons

  1. It will develop scratches

Although the shiny look of your brand-new counter might become dull from use, all the marks and scratches will give it an aesthetically pleasing patina that is quite commonly associated with stainless-steel surfaces.

2. It can develop dents

Steel tends to dent easily when something heavy is dropped on it but if your stainless-steel countertop has a hardwood base under a metal sheet of sufficient gauge, this will prevent dents and increase your counter’s life by decades.

3. It tends to look not-so-warm

To people who have a liking for natural and warmer-looking materials like wood or granite, steel might seem too sterile and distant.

4. It can be noisy

We all know this – working with steel is noisy and stainless steel counters are noisier than their counterparts and may need some amount of getting used to.