Things to Consider While Buying Upholstered Furniture

Last updated on June 13th, 2022

What are the things that you consider while buying an upholstered furniture piece? It is probably which color to pick, right? Yes, color happens to be the biggest deciding factor when choosing an upholstered furniture piece. But, there’s a lot more to upholstered furniture than just its color.

In fact, upholstery is like an investment that requires a lot of consideration. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to choosing the right upholstered furniture for your home.

1. Fabric Durability

The first step to choose the right upholstery is to check the durability, cleanability, and resistance of the fabric. The fabric durability greatly depends on the room it is placed in and who is going to be using it (children or pets, for instance). If you have a pet who will share the sofa with you, then consider buying a leather or microfibre piece that can be easily vacuumed, damp-wiped, and cleaned.

In any case, while choosing the fabric, ensure that you pick woven patterns as they are stronger than printed fabrics, as are fabrics with a higher thread count (number of threads per square inch of the fabric) and tighter weaves.

2. Fabric Style

While choosing the fabric, ensure that it complements the decor style, functionality and the color scheme of the room. For instance, if you have traditional decor in the living room, then pick a traditional fabric like cotton, jute, or even leather.

That being said, if you are in the mood for some fun, and would like to bring in some quirk factor into an otherwise traditional room, then, by all means, go for it! It will not only add originality to the room but also speak volumes of your sense of style. For example, a geometric-patterned wing chair in a contemporary set up will look absolutely stunning. Do ensure that the fabric you pick echoes your sense of style, and fits the decor of the room.

3. Fabric Color

The color of the fabric is one of the biggest deciding factors for most of us, as it has a massive impact on the decor of the room. While deciding on fabric color, ensure that you pick a shade that you can live with happily ever after (at least for a few years!). Refrain from using bold or dark colors in a small living room, especially if the sofa is large. Instead, opt for neutral shades such as beige, light gray, ivory, for a sense of space in the room. If you have pets or children, then try avoiding light colors altogether.

However, to strike the right balance, consider the color temperature, and the effect it has on one’s mood. And, by all means, try not to fall for any trendy patterns that may go out of style in weeks.

4. Other Things to Consider

Apart from the above pointers, there are some other factors that one must consider while making the purchase – starting from the environment of the room (whether it receives a lot of sunlight, or has dampness issues), to the people sharing the couch, and if they happen to suffer from allergies. Pick fade resistant fabrics in case the room receives plenty of sunshine, microfiber for people who suffer from allergic reactions, and leather or other thicker fabrics if you have pets.