Thinking Of Getting A Local Vendor For Your Kitchen? Here’s Why It’s A Terrible Idea

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Making your idea of a perfect kitchen into a real one is no longer difficult and you’ll find a modular kitchen vendor at every street corner.

But handing over your dream kitchen to someone offering a low price, but with no reputation – is it really wise? We give you 7 reasons why it isn’t.

1. Poor Quality Raw Material

When having your kitchen made with your local vendor, it’s usually him, who procures the materials, to keep things hassle-free for you. But this gives you no guarantee about the final product and the material that has gone into it.

2. A far-from-great finish

An improperly finished or badly designed product might significantly impact the functionality and life of your kitchen. Precisely designed machine-made kitchens, on the other hand, aren’t just stunning to look at and convenient to use, but also last for decades.

3. Inconsistencies in design

While a local vendor might claim to reproduce a design from a glossy catalog, any inconsistencies in the finished product will impact both its functionality and looks.

4. Fluctuating prices

With local vendors, sudden and unexplained price variations in prices are often the norm, as they only work on estimates and approximate price ranges.

5. No warranty

Local vendors usually don’t offer a warranty on the kitchens they deliver and install. And even if they do, it comes with the headache of constant chasing and follow-ups.

6. Shifting delivery timelines

You can hardly hold local vendors accountable or expect them to adhere to timelines agreed upon. It is much easier to deal with known players in the market, have a reputation to maintain and protect

7. Not a one-stop solution

Your modular kitchen vendor must be able to accommodate all your kitchen needs from designing and procuring materials, to the execution of the project. This would also include choosing sinks, countertops, and accessories – the works. A local vendor, however, will take care of only one or more of these aspects, leaving the rest on you to figure out and get done.