A Spoonful Of India: Timeless Indian Décor Elements To Try

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

If you are a decor enthusiast, then you must find yourself browsing the internet and magazines to keep up with the latest trends in home décor. But sadly, the crazy thing about these trends is that they go out of season in no time! Isn’t it a better idea then, to invest in decor that is timeless, and at the same time defines your cultural heritage and roots?

Join us as we explore a few timeless Indian décor elements, that are not going out of vogue in a hurry, and that you most certainly can’t go wrong with.

1.  Handcrafted Furniture

There’s something truly unique about Indian handcrafted furniture that fills the entire room with splendor. Go for intricately done pieces in teak, rosewood, or Sheesham to create the look.

2.  Layers Of Rich Textiles

India produces a variety of fabrics like silk, cotton, Chanderi, block prints, and Bandhani to name a few. Time to make use of these for your window treatment, cushion covers, and even the fabric of your couch. Layer your interiors with rich Indian textiles for an authentic Indian appeal.

3. Indoor Swings

Nothing can beat the luxury of a hand-carved indoor swing. Invest in one and add a fun, traditional element to your interiors.

4. Accent Walls

Nothing speaks more clearly of your Indian heritage than your walls speaking of it quietly. Try an accent wall with murals from Indian mythology.

5. Hand-Carved Headboards

A hand-carved headboard is all you need, to give your bedroom a royal Indian touch. You could even use the traditional Indian carved wooden dividers to replace your headboard.

8. Traditionally Contemporary

Whoever says that Indian decor cannot be contemporary, hasn’t tried playing with its elements. Make your home a mix of the traditional and the modern by mixing décor elements from both styles – like the traditional paintings here, looking resplendent against the modern walls.

9. Mehandi-Inspired Murals

Mehandi, the age-old tradition of creating beautiful designs with henna during festivals and special occasions also finds its use in Indian interiors. Try it on your walls for a modern setting with a strikingly traditional twist.

8. Spiritual Elements

India is a land of spirituality and Indian décor is full of elements that speak of it. Brass idols of Indian Gods and Goddesses and the Buddha in his various poses adorn the homes of most Indians.

Happy decorating, everyone!