What Goes Into Designing The Great Indian Kitchen?

Last updated on June 14th, 2022

The world knows India for its rich culture, traditions, and historical monuments. But there is one more thing that makes India what it is today. Yes – we are talking about our lip-smacking delicacies. Cooking food and serving it with love is an essential tradition for us Indians. And this tradition makes the kitchen a crucial part of a household.

Someone rightly said that the kitchen is the heart of an Indian home. It has a unique warmth and vibe to it. So, what does an ideal Indian kitchen look like? Natural light, abundant storage, optimum functionality, and good ventilation are the four pillars of an Indian kitchen.

Let us explore more about the humble yet great Indian kitchen. We will also outline the must-have features of every Indian kitchen.

Abundant Counter Space

The great Indian kitchen is incomplete without abundant counter space. This is because Indian dishes need several particular ingredients. The preparation and cooking process is also very elaborate. It calls for a spacious counter to accommodate all the essential ingredients and appliances.

You can go for pull-out countertops if you have a compact kitchen. Granite, marble, and quartz are the most popular choices for countertops. On the other hand, you can choose wooden and stone countertops to give an earthy feel to the space.

Ambient Color Scheme

The ideal Indian kitchen feels warm and welcoming. A harmonious color scheme plays a vital role in it. You may have read blogs that recommend using darker hues in your kitchen, but interior experts always recommend soothing shades when it comes to kitchen design. Lighter shades like beige, white, green, yellow, and blue are the top choices.

High-quality Backsplash

Indian food items are made from different kinds of spices and oils. It makes the backsplash – whether small or large – an integral part of an Indian kitchen, as it guards the walls against grime and fumes.

The ideal place to install a backsplash is near the range-hood or stovetop. You can either go for a vibrant backsplash or pick a subtle one. However, ensure you pick laminated tiles for this section to get the best glossy finish.

Abundant Storage

Indian kitchen processes call for intricate preparations and extensive cooking. Therefore, abundant storage is a must when you are planning an Indian kitchen in your home. You can furnish your kitchen with tall cabinets, lift-up cabinets, and roller shutter units.

They can conveniently accommodate all your cooking essentials, utensils, and appliances. You can also go for a combination of different style cabinets. However, ensure that the storage does not look over-the-board and stuffed. Experts also recommend going for a tall pull-out pantry unit for the best space utilization.

Windows and Natural Light

Indian kitchens have huge windows to welcome natural light. Sunlight is believed to help cleanse the aura of the kitchen and purify the space.

Apart from this, windows also keep the kitchens ventilated and odor-free. Compact homeowners can skip this part if they have a connecting balcony in their kitchen. You can also design a balcony or window herb garden to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Under Cabinet and Task lighting

Appropriate lighting will make any cooking process easier and more enjoyable. Installing high-quality task lights will not only illuminate the entire kitchen but also add to its aesthetic value.

Since we are talking about authentic Indian kitchens, the emphasis is on functionality rather than using the most fashionable lights. If you want to ensure your kitchen is well-lit, you should go for durable and high-definition lighting arrangements for the best results. Similarly, under-cabinet lights will ensure all ingredients and kitchen tools are visible to you at all times.

The Takeaway

While these are the basic features that go into designing the great Indian kitchen, consulting professional interior designers can be a wise idea here. They can help you get a fabulous Indian kitchen with the best features and optimum functionality.

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